Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Sep 4, 2021


  • At the final stages before the launch of v2.0
  • Roadmap in the works; to be released with v2.0

Community Support

Core Business Updates

Feeder Finance Platform V2.0 Updates

  • Design (100%): We’re completely done with all the design work for the v2.0 upgrade
  • Back-End (100%): All the APIs and back-end development work has been completed
  • Front-End (95%): Polishing as we go until launch
  • Products (75%): We’ve deployed half of all AutoStaking vaults we’ve planned.  As all have been tested on the test net, the remainder is a quick deployment.

Other Developments

Discussing Roadmap Update

We’ve released four “Challenges” and sneak peeks at solutions we’ve developed with the V2.0.  

The launch of our V2.0 upgrade will transition us towards a stable platform format from a UI standpoint.  However, it is only the start of a series of new features, products, and functionalities for the platform that will continue to keep the platform’s value prop growing together with the ecosystem.

Our focus over the next couple of days until launch will be to finish deploying the remaining AutoStaking vaults, but also to release an updated roadmap within the same week of the launch, so you’ll have a better sense of what’s coming next. 

We’ll be continually updating our roadmap every 1-2 months depending on how fast things are moving. Take it as a guide rather than a promise. However, if you’ve been following closely; we have always prioritized delivery and development that’s in alignment with expectations, and we’ll continue to do so.

Outbound Marketing Vote (FFMP-2) 

The Vote Results

The community has voted for the Cointelegraph ‘Explained Article’ option.  I’ve already initiated the next steps with our contact and am going through KYC.  

We’ll start working with them right after the V2.0 is launched so that they have the required materials to be able to explain the value prop of the platform relative to the pain points we’re aiming to solve.

Typical publication lead time is between 1-2 weeks.

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

Note:  As we’re upgrading the UI significantly with v2.0, we won’t be making major UI updates until then as they would be replaced with the new UI.