Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Sep 26, 2021


  • Dex Aggregator Launched; further improvements are planned for this feature
  • AutoConverter completed; slated to release with Auto Farming
  • AutoFarming product category started and aiming for 1st week of October completion
  • Launched five vaults last week; announcements for these will be posted over the coming week
  • Vault TVL hitting new highs this week despite macro-correction; further thoughts below
  • CoinTelegraph Explained Article being worked on by CT team
  • Two wallet Partnership discussions next week; no promises, but we’ll keep you updated
  • Changelog updated with many community suggestions getting completed

Community Support

Core Business Updates

DEX Aggregator Launch

  • We’ve launched our Dex Aggregator today
  • We have a couple comments already coming and but also have internal improvements already in mind, such as
    • Save settings (Slippage, Gas)
    • Remembering last traded tokens to keep it on top
    • Making the sidebar features more contrasted/visible
  • Please let us know if you have more here: community.feeder.finance or DM us if you experience any issues

AutoConverter & Auto Farming Products

  • The Auto Converter is complete
  • At the moment, what we’ll need to work on is work towards becoming more than just another place to stake LPs to auto-compound (aka “Beefy”)
  • The way we’re thinking about that is to make sure investors understand and see LPs in a different light; as LP tokens on their own; not as this complex thing you need two tokens to be combined with hard-to-understand IL etc.  A token with intrinsic yields (from trading fees) driven by its underlying assets (the 2+ tokens provided).
  • For these, we’ll need a UI that helps with that; what are we thinking?
    • Current & Historical change in underlying tokens
    • Current & Historical $ Value of LPs
    • Having both would allow us to show the real returns (APY) of these vaults in tokens and in $ values.
  • All of this needs APIs and backends that we’re working on. It isn’t easy, but we know what we need to do.
  • Our expectation is the first week of October to start launching Auto Farming products. It won’t be 100s of vaults in one go, but with the infrastructure (front and back) done, the product ramp can frequently happen post-Auto Farming release.  

Compound Vaults

  • We’ve launched five new vaults over the last couple of days, but due to the market conditions thought we’d give it a week to settle before making non-major announcements, so it’s got some more reach and engagements.
  • The launched vaults were
    • ACS Strategy – targeting Channels Finance
      •  BUSD
      • USDT
      • BTCB
      • ETH
    • ACS Strategy – targeting Venus Protocol
      • TUSD
A few thoughts to go with our product update…
  • While the market is still in its correction phase, our product TVL continues to grow, last reported close to 6,000BNB, it is now over 7,300BNB.
  • Product TVL growth on our platform is arguably different from others because we do not Boost or provide FEED as a reward to enhance APY. People that chose to deposit on Feeder Finance did so for the other value that we provide. It’s truly amazing to see that as our platform grows and develops in value, so has our TVL. Our TVL tends to be more concrete and less volatile because it isn’t the type of TVL that moves around for the highest APY at any given moment. To those of you staking in our vaults; thank you for your continued trust and faith. We won’t let you down!
  • The FEED token, unlike most other tokens on BSC, is not a ‘zero-sum game’. It doesn’t require the next buyer to purchase at a higher price to increase in value. If FEED trading were to theoretically halt, but we could grow TVL, anyone staking FEED would still collect $ from profit sharing and the fees accrued from platform usage.
  • Think about it simply, for every $10,000,000 in TVL, we’re creating value through generating APY for our users. Say that’s 25% on average.  $2.5 million in returns are generated, and $125,000 is shared with FEED holders for supporting the team in building a platform that generated that value, both APY and utility. This, put simply, is the first stream of revenue for our loyal FEED holders/stakers. Down the line, we’ll be adding more ways for FEED to generate revenue; such as trading fees (once we start to monetize it), premium subscriptions (to monetize on our 10K monthly users), and boost/promoted partnerships (as new platforms want to attract our TVL). It’ll be some time before our vision is fully fleshed out, but we’re working hard every single day to build as fast and securely as we can.

Other Updates

Cointelegraph Explained Article

I’ve had a catchup with the CT team two days ago and they confirmed that they’re working on it.

Wallet Partnership Discussions

We have two calls set up for this week.  We won’t know until then if anything tangible will come out of it, but we’re hopeful.  

Becoming the de facto ‘All-In-One DeFi Platform’ will require us to forge partnerships with teams and integrate FEED into other ecosystems. By working together with other teams and allowing them to integrate Feeder Finance, we organically spread our reach further through mutually shared marketing posts and outreach. Some folks may argue that these other projects are our competitors, but this is inherently wrong. If our TVL grows, their success is ours as well!

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

Five Recent Changelogs: 

Time stamp:  Week 21 of Feeder Finance