Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Sep 12, 2021


  • Feeder Finance 2.0 Optimization and Capacity Expansion completed; minor updates per suggestions are in our to-do list
  • Dex Aggregator & Wallet Management are far along; final test runs in the next weeks; remain confident in September expectations
  • AutoConverter development has been completed in the past, team needs to brush up and think through the UI/UX to implement
  • The roadmap was released together with the launch; find out what we’ll be up to next here
  • CoinTelegraph Explained Article in KYC stage; expect an answer Monday to move on to next stage

Community Support

Patrick's Thoughts

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking over the past week about our project. 

Looking back at the first day we launched with a handful of people joining the Telegram channel.  We were discussing all kinds of things like what was lacking in DeFi and how Blockchain technology was going to change the world. What kinds of things we need to do differently.

We spoke from our hearts and explained to our earliest members that we launched Feeder Finance because we truly believed there is a tremendous hurdle for new people to enter the blockchain-based DeFi.  Not long before, we ourselves struggled through navigating this new world and wanted to help create a better experience.  We envisioned people loving what we’ve built, and helping us build it.  We envisioned our community feeling confident and telling everybody they know that this is the place to be and that we’ll be there to greet them and help them through this new journey.  Above all, we envisioned a fun and enjoyable experience – for us as a team and the community.

Four months later we’ve grown our community to thousands, we have deadlines, we’re under extreme pressure, we have expectations, we faced constant unfriendliness, and we see anger and disapproval.  It was no longer a community of friends, it felt different.  Amidst the chaos, for a moment, I forgot why we started in the first place. 

Then, the messages started to pour in.  Countless DMs of support from new and old members alike cheering me up and asking me to send kinds words to pass on to the team.  They told me how much they love what we’ve built and the progress we’ve made.  They told me how Feeder Finance was their choice to recommend family and friends starting out.  How their parents are starting to dabble in saving in stables.  So many more heart-warming messages.  Then it hit me.  This is why started, why we’re working so hard every day,  and this is what makes it fun and incredibly rewarding as a team leading Feeder Finance.  To make a difference.

Thank you all Feeders for supporting us, whether you joined on the first day or just joined yesterday. I hope this short message gives you a glimpse of the people behind this project, how we aim to build and grow it, and what being a Feeder means.   

Patrick & Feeder Finance Team

Core Business Updates

Feeder Finance 2.0 Post-Launch

  • Optimization:  We’ve completed all API optimization to allow for the DApp to pull data at a relatively rapid speed. 
  • Capacity Expansion:  Due to the surge in traffic we’ve also expanded our capacity to handle more requests and have enough room for much further demand if needed.
  • Minor Updates:  We have a list full of suggestions to discuss and work through, we’ll try to go through them as we go along with our other dev plans to keep things moving and improving.
  • Have comments?  We encourage comments at community.feeder.finance  or at Feeder Finance Suggestions and we’ll discuss it and implement it into our to-dos, if possible.

Dex Aggregator & Wallet Management

The DEX Aggregator (aka “Exchange”) will allow users to stay on the site, view, swap, and invest their token instantly. 

Progress:  We’re working on both items at the moment and Jimmy and Rafael have made a lot of progress.   

  • To provide context of the mechanics, the DEX Aggregator will be a router using 1Inch‘s DEX with some additional features we’re trying to add on top.
    • There are various advantages to routing through 1Inch’s; two of which are 1) the ability to protect users from front-running bots, and 2) getting the best rates anywhere. 
  • We expect to deliver Dex Aggregator & Wallet Management in September; final tests will run in the next weeks


Providing liquidity is a lot simpler when you can swap a token into an LP like you would swapping a token.  Essentially an LP is as much a financial instrument as any token, it’s just backed by an equal value of two different tokens and has a different risk profile.  AutoConverter would do that, swapping tokens, to an LP token, which would allow you to enhance returns, above the trading fees that it generates intrinsically. 

The AutoConverter will be the final bridge towards the launch of AutoFarming products.  An AutoConverter would allow AutoFarming to work no different than staking whereby users would be able to have tokens and go through the investment process in a single flow.  

Progress:  We’ve built and tested AutoConverter months back and need to take another look to review the code.  What we’ll then need to do is create the front-end that goes with it.  Something that adds more value than just a simple swap/converter.  We’re still thinking about that part.

Feeder Finance Roadmap September Edition

We’ve released our roadmap with the V2.0 launch so you have a clearer picture of our plans.  We make sure our strategy is current and reflects both what we’re hearing from you and how things develop from the development and market standpoint.  

You’ll find our roadmap through here: 

Feeder Finance 2.0 & Roadmap— Significant Step Towards DeFi Wealth Management

Summary of what to look forward to:


  • Feeder Finance DApp 2.0

  • Launch Wallet Management

  • Launch DEX Aggregator

  • Launch AutoConverter

  • Launch AutoFarming: Compound

  • Offer 100 Product Selections


  • Feeder Finance DApp 2.5

  • Market Data

  • Portfolio 1.0 (Data & Analytics)

  • More Product Selections

November – December

  • Feeder Finance DApp 3.0

  • Portfolio 2.0 Development/Launch

  • DeFi Tools Development/Launch

  • Multi-Chain Expansions


Other Updates

Cointelegraph Explained Article

Would like to share some updates on where we are with the CoinTelegraph Explained Article:

  • We’re already in contact with CT
  • We’ve done a KYC in the past when we were preparing for a press release, they asked us to KYC again and we have provided the same documents again and are waiting for their process; expect an answer Monday
  • They communicated to us that it usually takes between 1-2 weeks to get an article complete
  • We’ll keep you informed

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

Five Recent Changelogs: