Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Oct 3, 2021


  • AutoFarming likely launching this upcoming week
  • AutoStaking BNB AUTOv2 Compound launched
  • Backend works take priority over minor updates from the to-do list, but resources will be allocated post-AutoFarming
  • Strategy discussion and updated roadmap to be released following the AutoFarming launch
  • Requested ETA from CoinTelegraph, will update once that’s received
  • Successful partnership discussions will take effect post-AutoFarming with other active discussions still on-going

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Core Business Updates

Auto Farming Products

We’re incredibly close to completing the AutoFarming, and thanks to the development of the APIs to support AutoFarming, AutoStaking is also getting a minor UI update.

Here are the details:

  • We’re roughly 85% done with all the APIs and have tested most of them on the front-end; they’re looking good
  • Some of the API structures we’ve built to support AutoFarming also work with AutoStaking, and you’d likely see that getting pushed to production in the next few days.
  • During these finals days, we’re working on putting the pieces together from the APIs, front-end, to responsive.
  • Once those are done, we need to update the Portfolio page to support the new product category.
  • As for the AutoFarming smart contracts, we’ve front-tested, and everything worked as intended; we’ll launch with a handful but will continue to ramp them up following the launch.

We’re hoping to get the AutoFarming launched this week if everything goes as planned. 

Compound Vaults

We did not plan to launch any AutoStaking vaults this week but couldn’t resist the high APYs offered on Alpaca for BNB deposits and launched BNB AUTOv2 Compound.

Backend Development and More

As mentioned before, we’ve asked our new senior developer to work on the backend systems, and significant progress has been made.

Just to give some background as to the importance of this.  Feeder has been developing at a relatively rapid pace; hundreds of APIs were built, over 60 vaults are live, a DEX aggregator was added, among other front-end features and data.

All of these were developed as we go, whereby piece after piece, they were assembled together.  Due to our continued addition of new features and product categories, we have never had time to go back and refurbish the backend.  Things like cleaning up the code and automation of certain functionalities.  While you won’t see most of these changes as users, it is instrumental to the speed of future development, data update frequencies, and overall efficiency.  

We have prioritized this over other items on our to-do list, which now numbers over 60 items internally and from the community. We will, however, after AutoFarming circle back to this. 

After the AutoFarming launch, the team will again meet to discuss strategy and release an updated roadmap based on where things stand and how we see things developing in the following months.

Other Updates

Cointelegraph Explained Article

Checked with CT on Friday for an ETA and the Account Manager promised to provide feedback.  I’ll keep you informed once we have it.

Partnership Discussions

The successful discussion of our wallet partnerships will likely materialize into implementations, and announcements post our AutoFarming launch this week as our resources get distributed to various outstanding tasks on our plate.

We’re also in active discussions with various other parties, some of which can’t be mentioned until the announcement (if any). We’re just letting our community know that we’re working on this, and we’re hopeful for tangible results soon.

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

No minor updates apart from our BNB vault launch.

Five Recent Changelogs: 

Time stamp:  Week 23 of Feeder Finance