Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Oct 24, 2021


  • Chain expansion progress is almost complete; we’re at 100% on API, 30+ vaults, front-end, pending some additional extras to make starting fresh as BSC users much more effortless.
  • New Filtering options on the ‘Invest’ page
  • Update to the Scoring mechanism almost complete, making it much more engaging!
  • Portfolio upgrade starting development.
  • New “How to DeFi” articles published “Tokenomics
  • New 1-month banner ads launching tomorrow; we’ll share once it’s Live. 

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Core Business Updates

All-in-One Multi-Chain Platform

We’re making significant progress on this front; initially, an initiative to test the feasibility turned into a full-on development effort. 

The following is the brief on progress:

  • Completed testing of 30+ vaults for our new chain launch
  • APIs 100% completed
  • Front-end 100% completed
  • We’re working on some extras to allow our BSC Feeders to try the new chain more quickly as the final to-do on this front.

If you’re wondering how this will work, it’s going to be pretty cool and a true multi-chain experience.

  • All products across both chains will be searchable and visible regardless of the connected network.
  • Assets on both chains are visible and aggregated on the portfolio page; deposits/withdrawals are made quickly by automatically switching networks for a connected EVM-compatible wallet.

We’re already moving some items in our draft roadmap forward, thanks to the progress on the cross-chain front. The new roadmap will be released at the end of this upcoming week

Once the development on the chain expansion is done, we’ll coordinate with our partners to set a launch date, so they’re informed and prepared to help spread the word. 

New Filtering Options on ‘Invest’ Page

You may or may not have noticed, but our ‘Invest’ page has gotten a little more useful.  This has been a community request, and we have implemented the first release of it.

Some Feeders have already provided great comments about rearranging and tweaking this section for better UX (thanks, Jay!). We’ll be making updates to the entire section when we get there. 

Other Development Efforts

Product Scoring Update:  We’ve mentioned that the scoring will be more engaging than before. Pandit has virtually completed the mechanics and is working on the connection with the wallet.

Portfolio Upgrade:  More details will be provided in the roadmap, but as you know, our Portfolio is due for an upgrade. Thanks to the swift work Rafael has made on the cross-chain API front, he’s now moving on to this section of our to-do list. 

Note: We’ve got a lot more requests/suggestions on our to-do list, which we’ll work through in parallel, some of which will be addressed through certain upgrades that relate to those pieces.  

Other Updates

New Article: Tokenomics

We’ve released another article on the basics of Tokenomics. We’d welcome thoughts and suggestions; please let us know if we missed anything you think might be necessary for new people in crypto.

See link here

We’ve got more topics in the pipeline that we’ll be releasing over time when time allows.  Feel free to send us any topics you think should be covered or you think people struggle with.

New Banner Ads Placement

We have a banner ad scheduled for launch tomorrow and will be ongoing for a month. This is on top of the poocoin ads, which is highly valuable to the project. Banner and ongoing placements have been relatively successful based on measured results, and we’re exploring more channels to get these out.

We’ll share a link to the upcoming placement once it’s Live, as we’re sure you’re curious. 

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

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No minor updates

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Time stamp:  Week 26 of Feeder Finance