Feeder Finance Mid-Week Update – Oct 20, 2021


  • Chain expansion happening sooner than we thought, 30 vaults tested and complete, back-end 90%, front-end needs to link up, and it’s ready.
  • Items on drafted roadmaps can be pulled forward; we’ll release this by the end of the month.
  • Scoring System getting an upgrade, Pandit working hard on this, and it will be much more fun
  • CoinTelegraph Article released, some plus and minus; we’re launching a banner placement next week as a trial for a month on a farming data page (link to be shared when it’s live), with more coming if proven successful.
  • New “How to DeFi” articles published “Tokenomics

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Core Business Updates

All-in-One Multi-Chain Platform

We’re making significant progress on this front; initially, an initiative to test the feasibility turned into a full-on development effort. 

The following is the brief on progress:

  • We’ve tested and completed 30+ vaults and aim to launch them with the network expansion
  • APIs are 90% done
  • The remaining items remain linking things up with the front-end

If you’re wondering how this will work, it’s going to be pretty cool and a true multi-chain experience.

  • All products across both chains will be searchable and visible regardless of the connected network.
  • Assets on both chains are visible and aggregated on the portfolio page; deposits/withdrawals are made quickly by automatically switching networks for a connected EVM-compatible wallet.

We’re hoping to finish everything for the launch this week, and if we can achieve that, we can move everything in our draft roadmap up and reshuffle things. We should have a stable roadmap by the end of the month to be released. 

Once the development on the chain expansion is done, we’ll coordinate with our partners to set a launch date, so they’re informed and prepared to help spread the word. 

Other Development Efforts

Pandit is working hard on an update to our scoring system, which will be much more engaging with our users. This would be a unique feature that’s entirely new for crypto but familiar to most of us on Web2. We’ll let you guys guess for now.

Other Updates

Cointelegraph Explained Article

The article has been released. While many have been disappointed that the report did not mention Feeder as much as they have wished, and we fully understand that reaction, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

Nonetheless, we’ve seen an uptick in new members and in new unique users visiting the platform. We have asked for the stats but did not get a response. Regardless the article should serve as a valuable and credible tool for all of us to share and refer to when people wonder what Feeder does and why it is useful; in a short and simple format.

Our analysis of this initiative is that while it has pulled in new members and users, it was not a very efficient use of our resources relative to the cost and time.

What we’ve observed as having worked efficiently are standing ad placements. Banner advertisements such as the poocoin spot (sponsored by our advisor) is consistently generating new visits daily. Banners are also far more measurable, cost-effective, and require low maintenance.

We’re launching another banner on Monday on a new but relatively popular farming data site (close to 10K users per day); everything is ready on that front, and we’ll share the link with you when it’s live. We’ll measure results and if it all goes as we hope, look into more channels for placements.

New Article: Tokenomics

We’ve released another article on the basics of Tokenomics. We’d welcome thoughts and suggestions, please let us know if we missed anything you think might be important for new people in crypto.

See link here

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

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