Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Oct 17, 2021


  • Eight AutoFarming vaults launched last week; on track to get close to 150 by the end of October
  • Roadmap to be released by the end of October; our team is making great progress on smart contract testing, and we are working on the APIs and front-ends
  • Going cross-chain will be an important step towards our growth. We’ve recently made contact with another chain’s management team and the top AMM, and they are happy to have us and support us where they can!
  • CoinTelegraph article publishing in the net few days, another outbound planned for after
  • Two new “How to DeFi” articles published “Stablecoins” and “Non-Stablecoins“.

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Core Business Updates

AutoFarming Vaults Launches

We’ve launched 8 AutoFarming vaults over the past week:

  • C98-BNB

Our products total 79 now and we’re still aiming to get close to 150 products by the end of the month; 130 seems realistic.

Our Updated Roadmap Release

We’ve mentioned it in more detail in our mid-week update on Wednesday, but as a quick recap:

  • Updated roadmap is coming the week after this upcoming week, by the end of the month
  • We’re pushing that because we’ve decided on the next chain we’d like to expand to, and Jimmy needs time to review and test things out
  • That won’t be the only addition to the roadmap; new and upgraded platform features are coming too, and you’ll find out more with the roadmap as we have clarity on how it all fits together

Here is what’s new!

  • Jimmy has already completed the smart contracts for AutoFarming products on our new chain; we’re still testing to make sure things are working as intended
  • We’ll need to sort out the front-end, so that includes working on APIs and some minor designs to support showing products across multiple blockchains
  • The team has made contact with the chain’s management team and well as the top DEX team. They support what we do and are ready to welcome us with open arms. We had hoped to see this on BSC, given the level of work and effort we put into building something unique and valuable.

Other Updates

Cointelegraph Explained Article

We have finalized the draft and the launch date for the CoinTelegraph article.  Together with the article, we’ll get the following exposure from the publisher:

  • Home-Page post
  • Homepage pin 24h
  • Potentially TG promote (they’re asking management to add this as goodwill for their delay)
  • Facebook Post (this will come ~early November, there is a backlog we need to queue up for / which is good remarking for us)
  • Newsletter Banner to email subscribers
  • Widget promotion 7-days

Needless to say, Feeder Finance will be receiving sufficient exposure in the near future. If you didn’t know, ‘Explained‘ articles is a soft promotion of a platform through simplified Q&A that explains concepts related to the platform and bringing it up as the place to be that solves or answers this particular problem. 

We’ve also got another banner placement prepared for after CT, so outreach doesn’t stop here.

New “How to DeFi” Docs Section

Through the support and recommendation of some core Feeders we’ve launched a “How to DeFi” section in the docs. We’ve noticed that some of our tutorial materials are getting indexed quite highly on Google, organically bringing new Feeders, and would like to leverage SEO strategies to push for more.  At least 15% of our platform visits are organic searches.

We’ve compiled the initial list of potential topics here and ideally would like to start simple before getting into more complex topics. 

The article was recently released on Stablecoins and the second article has been published today on Non-Stablecoins.  We’re planning to integrate articles into the platform more visibly to help users and make it easier for people to jump onto using the platform.  

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

No minor updates, but soon, we’ve got 4-5 minor updates waiting to be pushed

Five Recent Changelogs: 

Time stamp:  Week 25 of Feeder Finance