Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Oct 10, 2021


  • AutoFarming launched with 10 new LP deposit options added 
  • Roadmap to be released after a two-day review of community suggestions and business strategy, followed by a strategy meeting middle of this week 
  • CoinTelegraph moving forward with the draft coming early this week and Newsletter Banner as compensation for the delay
  • ACryptoS Partnership links and additional colors in the details

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Core Business Updates

AutoFarming Launch

Feeder Finance AutoFarming

It’s been close to two months in the making, but the AutoFarming product category is launched. Read more about it in our Medium article, and please Like and RT our launch posts here and here !

Ten vaults have been launched as part of the launch bundle. Below is the list of the new AutoFarming products, but simply search “autofarming” on on https://feeder.finance/invest  and you’ll see the results in front of you.

  3. BNB-ETH
  6. BNB-DOT
  8. BNB-ADA
  9. BNB-XRP
  10. BNB-BETA
More AutoFarming vaults will be added in the coming weeks. We have the pipeline already outlined.

What’s Next?

The team will take a 2-day dev break to review all suggestions both in our to-do list that we have and the community platforms. We’ll then gather thoughts and take a day to discuss strategy to release an updated roadmap.

For additional context, we have over 70 items on our to-do list and many target platforms and products suggested on the community platform; besides that, significant work needs to be done for the backend.  We also have many other topics we need to discuss, from status of alternative networks, in-house vaults, new product categories, and much more.  

All of this needs to be discussed, resources planned out, and timelines set. Based on priority and business impacts.  

Other Updates

Cointelegraph Explained Article

We’ve gotten feedback from CoinTelegraph and their apology for the delay.  They are planning to provide a draft early this coming week, and as compensation, they have asked us to create a banner that they will promote for free in their Newsletter.

Generally, the timing is excellent as it coincides with our AutoFarming launch, making the platform’s use-case more visible.

ACryptoS x Feeder Finance Partnership

Feeder Finance ACryptoS Partnership

If you’ve missed it in our Mid-Week Update, please see below update on our partnership with ACryptoS:

Partnership information and explicitly detailed breakdowns can be found here (Feeder Medium) and here (ACS Medium).

Below is an explanation on the advantages of this strategic partnership:

Feeder Finance aggregates products. Aggregating; once the infrastructure or ‘product template’ is in place, can be done rather quickly. The APIs for each new product still need to be built; but we can reduce development time by using our already audited and readily available standard vault contracts.

We’ve discussed as a community in our early days about the use case of an index-like investment option. We had planned for index products once we get back to building in-house vaults (post-infrastructure building). Building index vaults and auditing would take at least a month, likely two because the audit is a lengthy process. ACSI Balancer product is essentially a fixed-weighted index fund (aka ETF).  You assign a specific allocation, and they rebalance by default to that allocation at all times. We’ll likely work with ACS to create more options that we think are in demand, but honestly, they’ll probably do it without us even asking; it is their business model.

Essentially; with this partnership, once we have the front-end and APIs in place; we can cut two months of development time and tens of thousands in auditing costs, down to a couple weeks of development time while replacing the audit costs with rewards to our community and potential new members!

ACS is a top 5 BSC yield-optimizer, a partnership signals to every other potential partner that we have been validated by a known party; making dialogue easier to initiate. There was a time not long ago when anyone we reached out to ignored our messages. This is no longer the case. The reason we have this partnership is because we have created an intangible brand and project value that is easily recognizable to anyone. This partnership enhances that value further and is recognition for our accomplishments thus far.

We think this was a great long-term strategic move for us and is mutually beneficial to ACS/ACSI and our users/Feeders. We’re excited about what’s to come!

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

No minor updates

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