Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Nov 7, 2021


  • Feeder Finance launches on Fantom Opera
  • $FEED token bridged and +$100K liquidity on SpookySwap at FTM
  • FFP-5 Farm Withdrawal Fees to Treasury-Owned Liquidity — Result: ‘YES’ 
  • Node Optimization ongoing; BSC RPS nodes have been struggling over the past couple of weeks, please be aware that data display might be affected
  • Feeder Social Scoring in its final stages
  • Portfolio Upgrade entering development stage after planning completed

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Core Business Updates

Feeder Finance Launches on Fantom Opera

We’ve officially launched on Fantom Opera as the next step for us as we move towards becoming a multi-chain platform. 

The launch came with 25 products with a couple more coming to complete the SpookySwap farm vaults set. We’ll continue to support SpookySwap farms as they launch new ones but are also looking at other targets on the FTM ecosystem to grow the product portfolio for Fantom.

The welcoming by FTM was incredibly nice, both SpookySwap and Fantom Foundation have retweeted our announcements as a welcome gesture and we’re continuing to work closely with them as we navigate this new but exciting ecosystem.

As for more outreach towards the FTM community, we’re finalizing discussions for an AMA with a 13K discord group that’s among FTM’s largest as a way to let our FTM friends know what Feeder is and what we stand for.

$FEED Token Bridged to Fantom & Liquidity on SpookySwap

As part of the launch, but also to support our fee buybacks mechanic, we have indeed bridged our FEED token over through AnySwap.

There won’t yet be a staking or farming pool on Fantom for the token, but the liquidity is relatively sufficient on Fantom with over $100K already supplied. The token has been whitelisted on SpookySwap.

Our docs have been updated with the latest contract addresses but here it is for you:

SpookySwap has been an amazing partner for us as we launch on FTM and we look forward to continuing a great relationship with the network’s #1 AMM.

FFP-5 Farm Withdrawal Fees to Treasury-Owned Liquidity — Result: ‘YES’

The vote has ended with a unanimous “YES” of 2.48 million sFEED. Thank you for your participation in our governance process.

The Results

Going forward, we shall collect all Farm Withdrawal Fees in the Governance Treasury Wallet (wallet address) and will make weekly announcements of the collected and balance of the LPs we have.

Until our lending product launch, these LPs will accumulate as we go to become the project’s treasury-owned liquidity. After we launch the lending product, we’ll look at a potential use-case for the funds to propose a risk-less structure that could increase the returns of these funds and allow for it to start to generate its own buyback effects that lead to staking pool APY.

Thanks again and please let us know if you have any questions.

FFP-5 Farm Withdrawal Fees to Treasury-Owned Liquidity — Result: ‘YES’

Launching on Fantom does not mean BSC product development will stop, we still have many plans for new products and have added a couple low hanging fruits over the past couple days:

  • ACS (Atlantis Loans): ATL | Innovation Tag
  • ACS (Atlantis Loans): BNB

Other Development Efforts

  • Node Optimization: While we are continuing to stabilize our node connections with our new enterprise-grade node upgrade, we’re still seeing a lot of instability on the node side. This is due to RPC node providers’ struggle but we’ll do our best to minimize effects. What users are likely to experience is some data like APY or daily profits not showing from time to time when the connection is not 100%; nothing to worry about the vaults are still earning on the blockchain. Also now that the portfolio load mechanics have been amended, you’ll be able to access the portfolio even if some data is failing to be pulled from the block.
  • Feeder Finance Social Scoring: Profiles are almost complete, final step this week would be to check the UI and testing to make sure everything is in order and we should be ready
  • Portfolio Upgrade: Rafael has spent most of the week in the planning stage and reviewing the structure he’d like to implement for the upgrade. This week, he’ll move on to the development stage. By way of reminding, the portfolio upgrade will feature historical token and $value growth of the portfolio and each investment, transaction history, and investment allocation breakdown.

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

No minor updates

Five Recent Changelogs: 

Time stamp:  Week 27 of Feeder Finance