Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Nov 21, 2021


  • 17 AutoStaking products launched on FTM, with another 17 nearing completion
  • Lending Platform smart contract 50% completed; the focus is on extra features on top of the lending itself
  • Social DeFi launched pushed to the next few days as a bug was found during QA and will be resolved tomorrow
  • Portfolio Upgrade major piece getting finalized
  • Feeder Finance AMA at FTM Alerts (Leading FTM Discord Community 13K+) Monday 22, 15.00UTC
  • DAppradar sponsored spot finalized; starts early December 
  • Multiple minor updates pushed

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Core Business Updates

Lending Platform

We’ve launched 17 FTM AutoStaking options lending on Tarot. These vaults should help make a case for our new FTM friends we’ll be meeting during tomorrow’s AMA.

The options include:

  • BOO – FTM/BOO SpookySwap
  • CRV – CRV/FTM SpiritSwap 
  • CRV – CRV/FTM SpookySwap
  • DAI – FTM/DAI SpookySwap
  • ETH – FTM/ETH SpiritSwap
  • ETH – BTC/ETH SpookySwap
  • ETH – FTM/ETH SpookySwap
  • ETH – YFI/ETH SpookySwap
  • LINK – FTM/Link SpiritSwap
  • LINK – FTM/Link SpookySwap
  • MIM – FTM/MIM SpookySwap
  • SPELL – FTM/SPELL SpiritSwap
  • SPELL – FTM/SPELL SpookySwap
  • SUSHI – FTM/SUSHI SpiritSwap
  • TAROT – FTM/TAROT SpiritSwap
  • TAROT – FTM/TAROT SpookySwap
  • YFI – FTM/YFI SpiritSwap

We have another 17 Tarot AutoStaking vaults in the works, which should come out within a couple of days.

Lending Platform

We’re making significant progress in this endeavor. Jimmy has completed the foundational smart contract; and as he describes it, we’re about halfway there. Our focus right now is to continue working on the extra features that’ll allow the lending platform to be more unique.

Social DeFi

Social DeFi launch pushed to the next few days as a bug was found during QA and will be resolved tomorrow

Portfolio Upgrade

Expect the data aggregation and indexing piece to be complete by this week – finalizing development in progress. That’s the biggest hurdle we need to get done, the road after that is relatively simple.

Other Updates

Other Minor Developments

  • Exchange: %Bar adjusted for convenience – Community Suggestion
  • Invest Page: Mobile jump to the top at next page – Community Suggestion
  • Exchange: Typing fast error estimation – Community Reported
  • UI/UX: Switch network back button – Community Suggestion
  • Search AI: Updated our APY sorting algorithm – Community Suggestion
  • Search AI:  New AI ranking algorithms that show higher CTR products first (prioritize products that are more likely to be clicked)
  • Lots of node optimization to workaround BSC congestions
  • Experimenting with setting up Feeder dedicated node infrastructure; a notch higher than having enterprise-grade node service

AMA with FTM Alerts (13K+ FTM Leading Community)

Our friends on FTM has made a great connect for us with FTM Alerts (Link to FTM Alerts Discord Channel)

The AMA is scheduled for Monday 22, 15:00 UTC

Please feel free to join the discussion!

DAppradar Placement Confirmed

We’ve finalized our schedule with DAppradar and will start our sponsored spot early part of December.

We’re also working on getting a banner with another large site and will update once finalized.

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance


Minor Updates:

  • Updated our APY sorting algorithm for the search per community feedbacks

  • New AI ranking algorithms that show higher CTR products first

  • Other node optimization

  • Search page: added Available on BSC and FTM

Time stamp:  Week 29 of Feeder Finance