Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Nov 14, 2021


  • Eight products launched, with five more coming Monday and many more next week focusing on FTM
  • Portfolio got a minor update with APR/APY toggle
  • Outreach grows at Dappradar starting early December
  • Social DeFi launch next week with security systems getting finalized
  • Portfolio update major milestones to be achieved by next week
  • Lending product structure getting finalized before swift development to be complete and ready for audit by month’s end

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Core Business Updates

Product Launches This Week & Next

We’ve had a productive week on the product front with eight product launches, mainly on BSC, but we’ll be shifting gears to FTM next week with more products there.

Feeder Finance DeFi Products

These were the products launched over the past week:


  • ATL 



We’ll also be launching a couple more that have completed testing but are finalizing front-ends tomorrow:


Next week’s focus will be on FTM ahead of an AMA with a large FTM Community group early the week after — we’re finalizing details. We’ll be ramping our efforts on FTM and continuing to support BSC products as requested by Feeders when possible.

Portfolio Minor Update

In light of user confusion regarding how APY is calculated, we’ve added a toggle for APR/APY on the Portfolio.

Quick background

The launch of ATL with hundreds of thousands of percent in APY created a lot of excitement but also some misunderstanding. Compounding, especially at high rates of return, is magical. If the rates persist, returns can be astonishing; however, as most often the case in DeFi, it does not. We always want to make sure investors have the information needed to make proper investment decisions and will continue to work on that. This spontaneous addition is our efforts on that front.

Our docs have a great explanation about how APR and APY work if that is of interest!

Feeder Outreach Continues with Dappradar

We’ve had very positive metrics with WhatToFarm banner placement over the last three weeks, and it’s coming to an end in about a week. Generally, we’ve seen data suggesting new product users and repeated visits. We’re satisfied with the result of our banner strategy and will be allocating more resources towards this channel. 

We’ve engaged with Dappradar to launch our banner ads early next month (their schedules are packed) and are hopeful for better results. At the moment, Dappradar has among the highest referral rates to the platform, and we would like to leverage that. 

We’re also in discussion with another medium to place banners there and are finalizing media and contracting.

Other Development Efforts

  • Social DeFi Component: The front-end is mostly complete, and the back-end mechanics have mainly been complete. As the team has reviewed, we’ve decided to add more layers of security to the back-end. We aim to complete and internally test by mid-week and release by the end of this upcoming week.

  • Portfolio Update: The team aims to complete a significant part of the database building mechanics by mid-week; things will move faster with this hurdle out of the way. We’re hoping to release this upgrade by the end of November per our roadmap.

  • Lending Product: We have completed our draft of the core mechanics for the lending product. We’re working on finalizing the structure that allows borrowers to deposit collateralized assets into our vaults. Designing it in such a way that allows for the structure to support any smart contract structure in the future so our platform can grow without major untangles as pieces are interlinked. Once all this designing and structuring is done, the development will be relatively fast. We’ve booked Peckshield for the audit and so are on a strict timeline to hand over to auditors.

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

Five Recent Changelogs: 

Time stamp:  Week 28 of Feeder Finance