Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Mar 20, 2022

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Update from Dubai

We’ve met a couple of very cool people working with some of the biggest names in crypto. The official ETH Dubai event has not started, but some group meetings have taken place over the weekend, and we were there to learn from the group. The key takeaway is that the crypto industry is a small place for hardcore builders and veterans. Everybody who is anybody knows each other. What shouldn’t come as a surprise is that everybody faces the same struggles and has similar experiences with their journey through building both the protocol and communities. What they learned was it comes down to survival. Everybody who’s anybody being so close to each other and being so few because they are the people who survived, together. Our focus on sustainability and survival thus is so far something that the industry’s titans agree on and is among the reasons they are where they are.

We’ll be at a couple of events, not only ETH Dubai, and will bring you more updates from our trip. We’ll also meet Hamster Lab’s Norman there, and he’s taking us to meet some incredible people, so stay tuned for that!

Big Things We’re Working On

  • P2P’s Loan Shop Upgrade:  The smart contract has been completed, and roughly 20% of the testing remains to be written. After that, we’ll need to start working on the UI. Quite ahead of schedule on this one.
  • Bridge Aggregator: Pandit led the integration, and his update was that it is functional. We will need to test and work on the UI as the next steps.
  • Backend Rewiring: Aside from major features, there is some major house-keeping on the backend. In layman’s terms, Rafael has been helping Jimmy with rewiring and rewriting the backend to ensure that things don’t overwhelm or break down as we scale. As part of that, automatic testing has also been added to cover the interlinks between the entire platform to ensure that anything new getting pushed does not create issues with any existing code. 

New Minor Edits This Week

  • Added: Portfolio loans sorting functionality
  • Added: Tooltip for ‘Unverified’ token address on P2P with links to a verification form
  • Updated: Sorting of filter on P2P by alphabet
  • Other fixes and UX/UI edits

Wishing everybody a great week ahead!

Time stamp:  Week 46 of Feeder Finance