Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Jan 30, 2022

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As you know, the Feeder team is doing everything in-house.  Product structuring, UI/UX design, back- and front-end development, and testing.  While we have a general sense of what needs to be done and how long it might take, it is normal for things to not turn out quite as we’d like, and things need a slight adjustment.  The fact that we’re not getting pressured helps give us the headspace to be creative and thorough.  This is unique to our community, and there is nothing more we could ask.  So thank you so much for being such a supportive community Feeders!

On a high level, P2P Lending design is done, and we’re testing internally by borrowing and lending with ourselves, as well as checking the vault collateral mechanics to make sure things work as intended.  We’re pretty impressed with how cool P2P Lending + Vaulting is, not that we didn’t expect it to be cool, but to test it live in action is really something.

AVAX was launched, and we intend to launch all AVAX pipelines this week; these will be AutoFarming products.

Here are the details…

Development Update

Feeder P2P Lending Revolution

We’ve completed the UX/UI of both lender and borrower.  This includes creating offers, viewing listed offers, viewing outstanding loans and details, and so on.  One final piece is missing on the design front, and this is really just to make the experience much more visual and straightforward.  The way we’re thinking about it is to turn things that are just information into infographics.  This helps dumb down the analysis for users.  It also makes things more engaging and less complex.

In the meantime, we’re also testing the completed mechanics live. Everything went well, and we’re pretty impressed and excited about this.  Our hope is to get everything left done by this upcoming week.  Fingers crossed!

Vault Products

Feeder Finance Multi-Chain

We’ve officially launched our third chain, AVAX.  We went with AutoStaking products first and plan to tackle the rest of AVAX this week.  Most will be AutoFarming products.  There aren’t that many options on AVAX, surprisingly but what that means is we can go to the next one really soon as well. 

Yes, we’ll be expanding non-stop, and no EVM chain will not be available to you in the next couple of months!

Portfolio Improvement

As mentioned in the mid-week update.  The backend of the portfolio has been improved significantly and should load up much faster now.  Products may still take a couple seconds just because it’s coming in live and hot from the blockchain.

Some minor UI edits have also been pushed for the ‘Performance’ historical returns view.

Other Minor Updates

A lot of pending work was completed by Pandit, and Rafael is to be pushed, which covers things like copy edits, bugs fixes, new filtering features, new UI improvements, and sFEED staking page upgrade.

Jimmy’s focused on lending right now, so we’ll pile these up, and once Jimmy’s done with P2P/vaults, we’ll start pushing them out.

Time stamp:  Week 39 of Feeder Finance