Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Jan 23, 2022

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It’s been a crazy week in markets, and not only crypto but across all global assets.  These are when people have a reality check about their risk exposure and portfolio management.  It helps to zoom out with your charts, use daily timeframes, even weekly if you will, and put it on the log scale.  You’ll notice that these types of moves in crypto are common and should be expected from time to time.  Knowing this, you should therefore size your allocations and expectations accordingly.

On the development front, we’ve tested the functionalities of the P2P lending front-end internally, and everything works well.  While it is technically functional, it still lacks the looks.  That is what Jimmy’s working on, and our hope is to get the Beta Testing open this upcoming week for our Masters and Grand Masters tiers to check it out and provide feedback.  

Once that’s all done, we’ll quickly redraft the roadmap with the added snapshot of the UI and prepare to release it.  That comes with an outline of the date for the lending launch.

We’ve also been working on a bunch of other things detailed below.

One final note, we’ll likely skip the audio update this week or, at best, have one later in the week.  I’ve got my wisdom teeth sawed out of me today…

Development Update

Feeder P2P Lending Revolution

We’ve tested the core front-end backbones and functionalities over the weekend and are happy to say that everything works as intended!  Now comes the beautifying piece.  The design has mostly been done, and Jimmy’s developing it into a working product.  Our hope is to get the Master and Grand Master tier to join the Beta Testing program to get the final feedback to touch up and finalize.

Vault Products

We’ve launched a set of 0xDAO vaults on FTM today.  Here is the link for your convenience.   Meanwhile, Jimmy’s also working on another upgrade to the vault contracts to completely decentralize Feeder vaults.  A fully Web3-based infrastructure.  The end result that we hope for is decentralized data storage, launch, and management mechanisms for future Feeder vaults. 

You’ll find out more once those are launched.  Our hope is to get this out with the upcoming AVAX launch.

Other Minor Updates

  • Bugs Fixes and more minor UI improvements
  • Portfolio Efficiency improvement
    • The portfolio should open up faster for you; having said that, it still takes time to load data off the blockchain to show you your investment.  However, this improvement should create a smoother UX when opening up the portfolio. 
  • A lot of other pending fixes and improvements waiting to be pushed for Wallet and Exchange; it might be a little buggy at the moment, that’s because it effectively going through a renovation. 

Time stamp:  Week 38 of Feeder Finance