Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Feb 13, 2022

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We’ve commenced our Early Access P2P Lending tests with Diamond Tiers and above this week and initial feedback has been positive.

Our focus remains fixated on getting everything done for lending.  Here are the details

Feeder P2P Lending Revolution

Everything on the UX/UI is completed, the platform is Live in Early Access testing, gathering feedback, and adding additional features.

  • In its current form, borrowers are creating offers that lenders would bid on
  • Jimmy is working on the reverse of that to also allow lenders to have the ability to initiate offers attracting borrowers with the best deals.
  • We’re also pending some minor details like adding token icons 
  • We should start redrafting documentation and roadmap this week, with the bulk of the platform completed
  • We saw some initial action already taking place on P2P with sFEED getting collateralized for USDC; there will likely be some comments coming in which we’ll use to iterate on.
  • As for this upcoming week, we’ll continue to be focused on P2P lending both for development and documentation.

Time stamp:  Week 41 of Feeder Finance