Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Aug 30, 2021


Community Support

Core Business Updates

Feeder Finance Platform V2.0 Updates

  • Design (100%): We’re completely done with all the design work for the v2.0 upgrade
  • Back-End (100%): All the APIs and back-end development work has been completed
  • Front-End (90%): Structurally done, we’re testing, polishing, and undergoing code-cleaning
  • Products (50%): We’ve already completed the development of the smart contracts and testnet testing. What’s left is to test things on the mainnet and then start ramping it up for the launch. 

Other Developments

Platform V2.0 Launch Outbound Marketing and VOTE

As we’ve communicated, we’re planning a 7-day countdown starting September 1 for our V2.0 launch.  Each of the 7 days will feature sneak peeks of what’s to come.

As most of you know, we’ve always taken a value-driven and organic approach from day one — defined as a “holistic” approach. Our team spends most of its energy focusing on business planning and strategy, designing UX/UI flow, reviewing and discussing the community suggestions, and making sure the community is well-informed (these updates being part of that). We’ve highlighted in detail what this approach means to us; you can read more about it in the Medium article released yesterday. 

To expand on thoughts not discussed in the article: 

  • With limited supply comes limited funds and mismanaging these funds can have drastic effects on the future of the project.  For example, had we been careless and reacted to the panic of some members during the crypto crash and didn’t wait it out for our V1.0 development to complete, we’d be in a very tough spot today; at the time, an equivalent of two mid-tier influencer tweets would have cost us our entire funds, and would be worth over $500K per tweet in today’s FEED value.  It turned out our development and holistic marketing approach led to the growth we’ve observed post V1.0 launch.
  • We set out to build a platform that will be loved and used by millions, structuring FEED to be value-driven from usage.  We trust that the project value will align with our development progress, and as a team, we have a responsibility to make sure funds are utilized for the purpose of increasing long-term platform usage above all else. 

As for inbound marketing to spread the word for the V2.0, we have a couple of candidates that we thought made sense from a user acquisition perspective and would like your help to make the final decision.  

Please head over to the proposal platform to review, discuss, and prepare for another vote.

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

Note:  As we’re upgrading the UI significantly with v2.0, we won’t be making major UI updates until then as they would be replaced with the new UI.