Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Apr 3, 2022

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Post-Dubai Update & Guidance

Over the past two weeks, we’ve been relatively light on the releases front, devs are working, but our head dev has been busy networking and learning from the best and brightest, so he’s got a large stack of work to review and approve in the next few days.  Before we go there in the next section, let’s discuss strategy!

Feeder Finance Before Dubai

  • Our goal was to build an All-in-One DeFi platform that brings Ethereum standards to BNB and subsequently across all alt-Layer 1s
  • Our hope is to create as much coverage on the product front as possible and offer as many things for our users as we can so you won’t have to go anywhere and can simplify your journey by staying here at Feeder Finance.
  • We realize there are multiple things that we can still and will build to work toward that vision and outlined near-term goals in our roadmap that we released before our trip.

What Have We Learned in Dubai

  • We met a ton of people and spoke to all types of crypto participants, from builders, exchanges, chain teams, investors, etc. 
  • We came back with a couple key takeaways that impact our thinking and strategy but first, what we learned.
  • There are really two types of builders and crypto users: ETH users/builders and everyone else.
    • Ethereum builders and users are the gods of DeFi and Blockchain; their focus is on decentralization above all else, sophistication, large capital pools, and really all about the ideal world of crypto.
    • For most other participants and builders of alt-L1s, mainly BNB Chain, the focus is on the adoption and growth of the industry; however, that is achieved.  The end justifies the means, so to speak.  
  • Alt L1 teams are constructive and willing to help; however, they look for two things: 1) help them sell blocks, and 2) focus on selling theirs (aka loyalty).
  • WFH is cool, but face-to-face encounters are the way to connect and work with others in a trustless and anon world of crypto.  We’ve made 10x more friends over 2 weeks in Dubai than in a year of building and trying to reach out to people.  We have some huge decisions about this, but we’ll keep it internal for now.

What All This Means for Feeder Finance?

1.  New Positioning of Feeder Finance

BNB Chain, our place of birth, is not Ethereum.  It will likely never be, and it shouldn’t have to.  Ethereum is the place for high-finance crypto folks.  BNB Chain is where most people begin their journey; this is likely still true.  Most Ethereum builders we spoke to loved our platform and design.  However, the overwhelming feedback was that we have built for Ethereum on BNB.  Which was sort of the point, but it was wrong.  BNB Chain users want simplicity, something approachable, and high APYs. Feeder Finance looks sophisticated, intimidating and has not focused on ape-level APYs as much.

So: We’ll change our positioning in terms of UX/UI and launch product selection accordingly.

2.  Focus on BNB Chain

We’ve met and spoke in detail with the BNB Chain senior DeFi person.  While we’ll continue to be opportunistic about a multi-chain strategy, we have the mandate to yield BNB Chain support by focusing our effort and positioning on BNB.

Why BNB, you ask?  Because if there is one thing we can’t be flexible about, it is where our token is native to, where our primary liquidity is, essentially where we were born.  BNB is our home, and we’ll always be a BNB project to other chains wherever we go.  Many of you have received this feedback.  This isn’t a bad thing. BNB remains among the most used chains and will likely be among the top choice of new users going forward as Binance remains the leader in non-US CEX markets.

So: Current and future products will be more heavily focused on BNB Chain and built to support other projects on BNB Chain. 


  • A countdown will be pushed up in the next few days, with the launch date set for April 12.
  • The Lending upgrade is entering its final stage with the Loan Shop smart contract completed and UI getting worked on over the next week.

Other Development Updates

  • Pandit has completed the Bridge Aggregator functionality, pending Jimmy’s reviews.
  • Rafael working on the Loan/NFT marketplace with target MVP for internal testing by the end of April
  • Many UX/UI fixes and edits are pending Jimmy’s review and to be pushed.

Wishing everybody a great week ahead!

Time stamp:  Week 48 of Feeder Finance