Feeder Finance Weekly Update – Apr 10, 2022

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Development Updates and Flow

First Feeder Finance Lab Release: FEED Lottery

  • We had spent roughly a week on the lottery and released it moments ago. 
  • The prize pool includes a 100,000 FEED ($4,500) token for early participants.
  • Please help us like/rt the post to attract as many people as possible to grow the prize pool and draw attention to the lending timer up top!

Bridge Aggregator

  • We’re pushing this up since it’s likely the easiest to get out, and our aim is for the release to happen next week.

New UI Updates

  • We’ll be repositioning our platform towards more simplicity and alignment with the BNB ecosystem; the first step is to simplify our UI over time.
  • We’re still working on those pages, but it’s pretty far along.

Lending Upgrade

  • Once the above has been completed, we’ll circle back to finishing the Loan Shop UI work. The smart contract is ready; we need to think through and develop the front end.

NFT Marketplace

  • Rafael is taking the lead on the development of our NFT marketplace.
  • Initially meant to allow our loans to be traded, it’s now much more granular than that. It will enable ANY NFT to be traded. This results from various discussions and connections with many large BNB-based GameFi/P2E projects. We’ll support them and are hopeful this will create more exposure and utility for our platform.


  • We’ve discussed internally to focus more on some higher APY products. ‘Innovation’ as we’ve called it.
  • Jimmy’s reviewing the security of one particular protocol, which will also have an AMA on our platform. They’ve agreed to help promote and likely start using our lending as a way to lock up/lend their project’s token.
  • We’ve also had one more recommendation of a large but more complex protocol over the past week, and Jimmy and I will go over it to see if a vault is possible.

Time stamp:  Week 49 of Feeder Finance