Feeder Finance Update – July 21, 2021


  • Two Auto Diversify vaults launches : CAKE and USDT; the rest coming this week
  • AutoFarm Compound next week together with proposal platform for suggestions, discussions, and upvote for new product listings
  • Withdrawal fees buyback details
  • Business Development Update; roadmap being released later this week, other details and backgrounds
  • To-Do list updated

Community Support

Core Business Updates

Auto Diversify

We’ve launched two Auto Diversify vaults so far this week:

  • CAKE Auto Diversify (Tweet)
  • USDT Auto Diversify (Tweet)
What’s next?
  1. Auto Diversify:  We have four remaining launch Auto Diversify deposit options:  BUSD, BNB, ETH, and BTCB which we aim to complete this week
  2. AutoFarm Compound:  Apart from some minor updates, we’ve spent Wednesday working on the UI for the AutoFarm Compound vaults but expect those to complete release next week 

Community Proposal Platform

We’ve already prepared a community proposal platform for the recommendation, discussion, and voting of future Compound deposit targets and deposit tokens. We’ll likely structure it in a way that anyone can participate. It’ll most likely be our community who are most active at first. Still, over time, to make the platform grow into a household product of the DeFi ecosystem, we want project owners, project communities, and anybody to propose. In a sense, it is organic marketing, and if that helps TVL and product diversity, we think FEED holders will remain the ultimate beneficiaries of this. We expect to launch this later this week so that we’ll hopefully have a pipeline built up for the weeks to come after AutoFarm Compound is done.

Withdrawal Fees Buyback

We’ve initiated Farm withdrawal fees buyback today, the following are the details:

  • Tweet
  • Transaction Hash: Link
  • LPs Used: 560 FEED-BNB LP
  • Total FEED: 70,818 ($5,425 USDT)
  • APY Impact +0.25%

Business Development Update

Roadmap & Strategic Planning

There has been a lot of questions regarding how we are planning marketing.  


Many of you have engaged in thoughtful debate and discussion with other groups while introducing the Feeder Finance to others. The predominant feedback has been “come back when there are more options”. I cannot say I disagree. The plan of Feeder Finance as a platform is to simplify DeFi; having 20 vaults doesn’t quite do it yet, but we believe anybody who gave it a look understands where it is going and what’s missing. Feeder Finance is no longer only about the product; it is about providing DeFi wealth management and financial service tools all under one roof:

  1. Feeder Finance unique vaults: Unique vaults that are not just your next auto-compound vault; Auto Diversify being the first
  2. Feeder Finance as a proxy: Allowing deposit, harvest, and withdrawal from Feeder Finance directly into your DeFi products of choice throughout the ecosystem; we’ll manage the journey for users while they remain on our platform 
  3. Portfolio Management capabilities: Ultimately, as users interact in a DeFi setting through our platform, they benefit from having their portfolio data aggregated. Users can quickly glance at their portfolio, see historical performance, and make direct adjustments here and there. Many more to come on this, and if you follow Patrick’s Twitter handle, you may know where the team’s thinking about taking this.


We’ve taken the time to iron out the wrinkles in our Roadmap for the next two months. This will ultimately get us much further than where we are now, to a point where you guys can go back to your friends who doubted you and say “…Now take a look!”. The Roadmap will be made available later this week for your viewing pleasure!

Paid Marketing

We will launch marketing after all Auto Diversify vaults have been launched this week. Initially, this will be done through advertisements on leading platforms. We’ll try each platform, one by one, to measure results (aka A/B testing). This data will help us strategize which banners, platforms, and media types work; and which don’t. We also have other plans for how to create an organically driven reach boosted by a budget. Stay tuned as we’ll announce a new campaign on that shortly; we’ll be keeping it internal for now as we’re still finalizing it.

Organic Marketing

  • We’ll use the docs to aggregate selected media for long-term access, but will also setup a TG channel for community  discussions and media creation; marketing can also be a community-driven initiative so we’d like a place for that too. 
  • Patrick will release a Medium article on the platform current state, highlighting Auto Diversify, and where it is heading early next week with Auto Diversify complete launch
  • The Weekly Highlights will be posted on Medium once a week, it’s a waste not to share it and it doesn’t cost anything — we’ll post it with the audio once that rendered and done.   

Feeder Finance Team Working List

Priorities for this week:

  • Core
    • Launch Auto Diversify 
      • CAKE (update)
      • USDT (update)
      • BUSD
      • BNB
      • ETH
      • BTCB
    • Launch All Current Compound List
      • Five AutoFarm Compound
  • Marketing 
    • Create Daily Infographics Template for Sharing and DApp Marketing
    • Create marketing asset sharing location for community support
  • DApp
    • Info:  Add desc on harvest fee for Farm
    • Info:  Add desc on auto-compound every 2 hours for Staking Pool
    • Info:  Label FEED balance in staking pool as “Estimated”
    • Info:  Change text on Farm from APY to APR (update)
    • Info:  Fix wrong token logo (BUSD > BNB) on Farm UI (update)
    • Info:  Link to FEED chart on DApp
    • Info:  Add AutoFarm website link (update)
    • Info:  Rank token list alphabetically (update)
    • Info: Remove the repetitive wording for “APY inclusive of fees” and show (i) sign with mouse-over instead; less text, better flow.
    • Improvement: Disable token and platform dropdown drop at the same time
    • Improvement: Portfolio Page Update
      • Separate Deposit from Estimated Profit (estimated due to compounding intervals)
      • When no investment, show pathway to Invest Page – rather than leave blank 
      • Show Farm and Stake similar to Invest products
      • Portfolio update balance automatically after transaction (no need to refresh) (update)
    • Bug:  Firefox Buy box positioning

More To-Dos

  • DApp
    • Info: Easy/Complex box for Staking and Farming
    • Info: Mobile version design
    • Info:  Scoring metrics for targets using 1) contract age, 2) TVL, 3) audit status, and more etc
    • Info:  APY UI tweaks
    • Improvement: Light Mode (DApp) / Dark Mode (Blog)
    • Improvement: Jaybird addition to give DApp more life
    • Improvement:  Portfolio Page
      • Showing allocation by deposits, total investments across all products, current portfolio APY
    • Highlight Feeder Finance’s unique vaults, ie.: Auto Diversify, more clearly in the UI (new)
    • Ranking deposit tokens alphabetically in the portfolio page (new)
    • Community Channels buttons on the DApp (new)
  • Platform
    • Product Diagram for Compound
    • New Homepage
    • New Tokenomics Diagram – to reflect more revenue sources (new)
  • Marketing
    • Banner Ads Templates
  • Partnership / Investor (new)
    • Pitchdeck > Binance /VCs