Feeder Finance Weekly Highlights – July 11, 2021


  • PeckShield audit for Auto Diversify completed
  • Rabbit Compound vault launched
  • To-Do-List is now a recurring section in the update (see details below)
  • Daily update to become one weekly summary and two updates on Wednesdays and Fridays

There were two major updates from this past week, PeckShield audit completion of Auto Diversify and the launch of Rabbit Compound.

We’ll also cover what’s coming up for next week and our changing frequency of updates as we shift to the next stage of the Feeder Finance development cycle.

PeckShield Audit

After one month careful auditing, PeckShield has issued a report for our Auto Diversify product. There was a lot of innovation involved, and therefore a lot of auditing needed. The result is a vault with no unresolved issues.  

You’ll find the audit here

AutoStaking: Rabbit Compound

We’ve posted a long note to answer potential questions to go with the launch on how it came to be; you can read it here. Our DApp’s AutoStaking category is now Live!

In brief, Compound is a product series under AutoStaking that automatically compounds platform rewards and turns APRs into APYs. The strategy is simple, instead of having to collect platform rewards that stack up over time, sell it into whichever token your deposit to get the rewards, and then re-deposit it, Compound does that for the user and does so multiple times a day.

The launch target platform is Rabbit Finance. It’s a new platform with ~$1.2B in TVL and offers one of the best stable APRs at the moment, thanks to its token price rise.  

If you’ve played around in our DApp for a little, you’ll notice a couple of “Coming Soon” target platforms. Those are other targets we’re planning to launch Compound for.

Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions or comments. We have A LOT of those in our to do, and I’ll list them below. We’ll make this a recurring item in our updates, so you know what we’re working on.

Feeder Finance Team Working List & Timeline

Note: We’ll have another look at Discord’s “team-progress” channel, seeing that not many are active there. They have many good links for safe-keeping, so we wouldn’t want to remove it outright but didn’t want to do replicated work to maintain both lists. 

Completed this week

  • PeckShield Working Session & Audit
  • Docs Fully Updated
  • Launch Rabbit Compound vault
  • Product Diagram for Auto Diversify
  • DApp
    • Fix: Tablet UI
    • Updates: Buy Button
    • Updates: More Decimals for Staking
    • New: AutoStaking Interface and Linkages
    • New: Portfolio Page

Upcoming Week To-Do

  • Core
    • Launch Auto Diversify
    • Launch All Current Compound List
  • Marketing
    • Create Daily Infographics Template for Sharing and DApp Marketing
    • Create marketing asset sharing location for community support
  • DApp
    • Info: Show TVL of the target platform
    • Info: Link to the target platform website
    • Info: Product description tweak
    • Improvement: Disable token and platform dropdown drop at the same time
    • Improvement: Show CertiK and PeckShield logo 
    • Improvement: Portfolio Page Update
    • Improvement:  Capitalization remove
    • Improvement:  Real-time by Block Data Update
    • Bug: TVL wrong figure (sometimes)
    • Bug: Dropdown while loading data, dropdown disappear after load

More To-Dos

  • DApp
    • Info: Easy/Complex box for Staking and Farming
    • Info: Tell users Staking Pool auto compounds
    • Info: Link to $FEED chart
    • Info: Mobile version design
    • Improvement: Light Mode (DApp) / Dark Mode (Blog)
    • Improvement: Jaybird addition to give DApp more life
    • Improvement: Firefox compatibility
    • Improvement: “Open App” rethink to reduce confusion
  • Platform
    • Product Diagram for Compound
    • New Homepage
  • Marketing
    • Banner Ads Templates

Team Update Frequency

Now that we’ve reached the next stage of development where the first products are live, contracts audited, we’ll reduce the workload on this front slightly to focus on the business side.

We’ll still keep you guys as informed as we can, but instead of a daily, we’ll shift to three updates per week: Sunday (weekly summary), and Wednesday and Friday (Update).

It would still be very frequent, so for those of you who look forward to our daily update, it’ll just mean you have to skip a day.

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