Feeder Finance Weekly Highlights – Aug 8, 2021


  • Binance Incubator Program Application in progress, submitting Monday
  • New target vault list updated on the DApp
  • August marketing initiative vote in progress, vote here
  • Changelog for this week at the bottom

Community Support

Core Business Updates

Binance Incubator Program Application

As you’ve been informed, over the past week the focus has been to finalize information and the design for the Binance Incubator Program application and pitch deck.  The following is our internal timeline for the application preparation to submission:

  • Friday: Deck / Application Form Drafted << Completed
  • Sat-Sun: Cycle Language/Content  << In progress
  • Sat-Sun: Touch-Up Deck << In progress
  • Mon: Record Pitch & Submit

Note: The submitted deck will not be released as it contains sensitive and personal information for KYC purposes. We’ll release a public version and add it to our docs once Binance has announced the results to make sure submitted materials do not circulate publicly and impact Binance’s decision in any way.  

New Vault List

We have selected, both from our research and community suggestions, the next pipeline for vaults that will be worked on in tandem with our platform V2 upgrade development over August. They are now visible on the DApp but here is the list:

AutoStaking: Compound

  • Rabbit Platform: RABBIT cur. APY 31%
  • Rabbit Platform:  XVS cur. APY63%
  • Rabbit Platform:  MDX cur. APY 102%
  • Bunny Platform:    BUNNY cur. APY 270%

We’ll work through these and the pending three AutoFarm Compound vaults over August.  We’re also working very hard on the V2.0 upgrade and preparing the additional products that will be launched together with the new UI.

August marketing proposal

We have initiated the voting process for our marketing initiative in August.  You can find the link here.

The vote will require sFEED tokens in your wallet.  These are token received for having FEED staked in the staking pool.  The voting option is slightly different this time whereby voters can assign weightings to multiple options as preferred.  

The vote will go on until Monday August 9, 1PM UTC.  

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance


  • New Coming Soon List
    • AutoStaking:  Compound.  Deposit:  RABBIT target Rabbit Finance
    • AutoStaking:  Compound.  Deposit:  XVS target Rabbit Finance
    • AutoStaking:  Compound.  Deposit:  MDX target Rabbit Finance
    • AutoStaking:  Compound.  Deposit:  BUNNY target Pancake Bunny


  • Info:  Portfolio Page tooltip addition to clarify profits shown an estimate based on 1-year holding period
  • Info:  Sort platforms by APY
  • Improvement: Disable simultanous dropdown for Platform and Deposit Token
  • Improvement:  APY endpoints for targets