Feeder Finance Weekly Highlights – Aug 15, 2021


  • Binance Incubator Program Application submitted; fingers crossed
  • A lot of progress was made on the V2.0 development 
  • Launched BTCB and BNB AutoFarm Compound
  • Changelog updated

Community Support

Core Business Updates

Binance Incubator Program Application

We’ve completed our preparation for the Binance Incubator Program and we have submitted our documents. We’ve done our best to prepare the pitch deck – a detailed form for this was our guideline. The founder’s pitches were recorded, introducing the project and team, and attached with detailed KYC information.

There are no guarantees; however, so let’s be hopeful for a positive outcome.

Feeder Finance Platform V2.0 Development Progress

We’re working on multiple things at the same time; then piecing them together.

  • Design: We’ve settled with a high-level design and have 80% of it done thus far. Some of the remaining items include reworking existing pages to match the new look-and-feel; and putting the final touches onto the new pages.
  • Back-End: Most of the major APIs have been completed. We’ve completed 70% of the APIs so far and aim to finish the last 30% this week.
  • Front-End: We’ve started developing the aspects that have been done using the completed pieces from the design and back-end. Roughly halfway there on this front.
  • Products: We’ve already identified and finalized the initial list of products that will launch together with the v2.0 release. We’ll get as many completed as possible to be released with the v2.0 launch
AutoStaking Compound Releases

We’ve completed three (below) AutoStaking Compound targeting AutoFarm Network this week.  

  • AutoFarm Network: BNB
  • AutoFarm Network: ETH
  • AutoFarm Network: BTC

In the following weeks, we’ll be prioritizing the following vaults:

AutoStaking: Compound

  • Rabbit Platform: RABBIT 
  • Rabbit Platform: XVS 
  • Rabbit Platform: ADA
  • Rabbit Platform: MDX 
  • Bunny Platform: BUNNY 

Other Developments

PancakeSwap Farm Auction

We’ve been whitelisted for this second round of the PCS Farm Auction.  Like last time, we’ll be trying our best to keep up and stay as high and as long as possible given our budgets.

We’ll release our whitelisted wallet address for any kind contributors among the community member.  Here are the conditions for contribution:

  1. Minimum CAKE Contribution:  50 CAKE
  2. Whitelisted Wallet Address:  TBC
  3. Send Transaction Hash to Patrick (TG: @FeederFinancePatrick )


  • If we fail to make it to the top 5 by the end of the auction, CAKE will be returned to contributors
  • The minimum helps decrease the amount of refunds we have to make if they are needed; apologies if the hurdle is quite high. The bid will likely start off somewhat higher than last time now that a reference price has been set; if I recall correctly it was ~10,000 CAKE to make it to top 5

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

Note:  As we’re upgrading the UI significantly with v2.0, we won’t be making major UI updates until then as they would be replaced with the new UI.  


  • AutoStaking: Compound.  Deposit ETH target AutoFarm.Network
  • AutoStaking: Compound.  Deposit BNB target AutoFarm.Network


  • Improvement:  Harvest Reward then Staking 100% flow
  • AutoStaking:  Compound.  Deposit:  BTCB target AutoFarm.Network