Feeder Finance Week of May 31, 2021 – Highlights


  • Our first Core product is complete and we are Live testing on Mainnet!
  • Our CertiK Report submission is coming up! Once we’ve submitted our smart contracts they’ll come back with comments. If there aren’t any comments; we’ll have our audit report.
  • Jimmy working on LP Vault Feed as we wait for DApp design revisions
  • Additional details of the Roadmap to be published
  • Contacted multiple parties per recommendations for the marketing preparations
  • FFP-4 vote on New Farming Pools for Vault Partners completed; vote in favor of New Farming Pools. We’ll begin our outreach starting Monday.
  • Completion of CMC Listing and Launch of Meme Contest!
  • A bunch of new stickers by William Mortell

Weekly Highlights


What a week it has been for Feeder! First, let me briefly walk you through our Team’s process over the past week and our thoughts for the near-future.

Our focus this week was almost solely on Vaults Feed. We’ve been working tirelessly to make sure the smart contract works as intended and successfully passes unit and scenario testing.

We were successful in our goal and are now going through rigorous testing and data collection. Jimmy has also been taking this time to think about LP Vaults Feed’s programming structure. 

In the coming week we’re hoping to have the DApp interface updated so the new product’s DApp and our existing DApp sections are aesthetically consistent with the homepage. We’re going back and forth with the designer on that but we’re still quite ahead of schedule so we’re not going to rush it.

We’ve also been quite focused on our marketing preparations, and have been contacting multiple parties to make sure we have a solid plan in place for our pre-launch marketing 1-2 weeks ahead of our first product’s launch. It’s not a life or death situation by any means; with a fundamentally robust and unique product, it will sell itself, but we need the word out to accelerate adoption and capitalize on our product’s entry into the market. We’ll try our best but we have to admit, the responses from our outreach has been quite disappointing.

Over the next three weeks, marketing preparations and product testing will be the priority.  FFP-4 having passed will also play a vital role in our marketing launch.  We’ll reach out to the vault teams and see if there is support from their teams for our product.  

Core Product Update

Core Products

  • Vaults Feed smart contract completed; testing Live on Mainnet
  • Smart contract submission to CertiK Audit Report mid-next week
    • There may be revisions required if CertiK has comments.
  • Jimmy is looking into LP Vault Feed (our 2nd core product)

Verbally agreed to engage on CertiK Shield and CertiK Skynet

  • Both of these will send an even stronger message that we do take security incredibly serious as the top priority for our products

3-month Roadmap to be published

  • As we have more time to think about things from a strategic standpoint, we have put our plans into a Roadmap. 
  • We realize we were missing that and should have been more clear.  We’re working on that now and will publish it shortly.

Business Development

  • Gotten in touch with Aircoins; CEO promised a marketing proposal but have been silent; followed up, still silent
  • Attempted twice to contact PeckShield – they have been silent 
  • Reconnected with CoinTelegraph
  • Engaged a PR company, they’ve sent us the first draft of the press release.  Once confirmed they send it out across all channels


FFP-4 : A Vote on New Farming Pools for Vault Investors/Users

  • The audio version was recorded prior to the completion but, we’ve updated the text version and the result is Support for New Farming Pools
  • We’ll start going out to all the vaults teams to see if there is any support. We won’t launch the pools just yet because having the distribution flexibility may help us win over their support while leaving less incentives for non-supportive teams. Either way, all target vaults will have a farm.

Meme Contest – Winnder Takes Home 10,000 sFEED ($1,000)

Ends 28/06 12 am +1

  • The last stretch before our launch, we’re encouraging the community to have some fun!
    Create memes or give support to those creators.
    Please help Like & Retweet your picks Feel free to post your twitter posts on the community/Meme channels.

New stickers by William Mortell:

CMC winner announced

Thank you everyone for joining the event and congratulations to the winners! 

We’ll try to have as many events going on so you guys can have some fun and all have a chance to win prizes.  It’s not a lot but it’s always exciting to win.

Third Week of Buy Back and Distribution

  • Transaction Hash
  • LPs Used: 1,100 FEED-BNB LP
  • Total FEED: ~184,000 $FEED ($10,600 USDT)
  • Staking Pool sFEED Redeem Rates Impact: 1.578 -> 1.598 = +1.27%