Feeder Finance Week of June 21, 2021 – Highlights


  • DApp is progressing and waiting for finalization from the audit process to merge the smart contract.
  • We’re live on CertiK’s website; details and the report can be found in our docs.
  • PeckShield audit delayed from Friday prelim report schedule; we’ll follow up but won’t launch product without audit – security comes first!
  • Docs mostly complete, diagram WIP, Rafael and Patrick working on simplifying.
  • Distribution per block reduced from 10 to 8.
  • MemeContest ending soon!
  • New stickers for this week.  Thanks William!

Core Updates


As we wait for the Vaults Feed audit by Peckshield, we’re continuing to develop the DApp and the back-end strategy management.

We’ve mostly completed the front-end, most of the APIs. Some minor tweaks to the strategy was made around the overweight and underweight logic to virtually remove discretion.

Once the Vaults Feed smart contract is finalized per Peckshield’s audit and recommendations, we can merge the two and launch.

More on the audit further down.


We’ve spent much time preparing the docs for the launch. These are things like walking through the product background and strategy. They’re mostly done.

We’re still working on the product diagram.  It’s a little tricky to make it come out well, and we’ve walked through why that is in our last week’s weekly update.  

On top of that, Rafael and Patrick are working on simplifying things. While Feeder Finance has always been professional and detailed in its output, we also have to think about the users Feeder Finance will attract. It’s likely your everyday investor looking for an easy way to invest their savings in DeFi. While the doc is prepared to answer questions for savvy investors, it doesn’t quite do the job for everybody else. We’ll need to make sure they also understand, and so have confidence in the platform.

We’ve already pushed some update to the Live version.  Please let us know if you have comments.


  • CertiK:  We’ve received our audit report for deployed contracts.  You’ll find the details and the report in our docs and the official certification on CertiK’s website.  
  • PeckShield: They’ve started the audit Friday of last week, and have indicated that they would provide a prelim report this past Friday.  We’ve gotten in touch with them over the week to see how that’s going and their response was that it’ll likely take a couple more days.  We’ll have to see how that goes.  We’ve discussed with the community before that security will always have to take priority.  Whether or not that delays the launch we think it is necessary to ensure funds are SAFU.

FEED per Block Reduced

Per the schedule, we have reduced FEED per block distribution from 10 FEED to 8 FEED.

For the next four weeks, we’ll be at eight before reducing to 7.5. 

Keep farming, guys. This is the kind of market where patience and farming create the biggest difference. Farming reduces your average cost per token. Paperhands leave Diamondhands with more token to stack. Tokens that grow in value with the project’s development. Allow us to work hard while you sit back and stack. It will take time, as all good thing does, but we’re building a true gateway to DeFi centered around rewarding the holders, investors, and users; all of you. So it’ll be worth it!  

On-Going Activities

Meme Contest:  LINK

Don’t forget to participate in our meme competition!  We’re roughly three days to the end of the last event before the launch.  Any last submissions would be welcomed 😉

Rules for the event:
1) Post your meme to the Twitter competition thread
2) Tag @FeederFinance, $FEED, and #FeederFinanceMemeContest and your favorite DeFi personality
3) Most upvotes + retweets wins (No cheating! We’ll know )

Competition ends 28/06 @ 12am GMT+1

This week’s new stickers by William 🙂