Feeder Finance Update – July 29, 2021


  • BNB Auto Diversify was launched
  • 2.5 days of setback due to Dopple APY display issue leading to investigation, coordination with Dopple, updates of four vaults
  • Focus now back at AutoFarm Compound, UI design finalized, developing front-end accordingly
  • To-Do list updated

Community Support

Core Business Updates

Auto Diversify

We’ve completed the Auto Diversify launch set with the launch of BNB Auto Diversify

Major Product Update

  • Dopple Finance’s APY estimates, which are pulled over to Feeder Finance’s UI, can be misinterpreted to assume a higher than expected up-to-date APY.
  • In the investigation process, the team has also identified changes in liquidity conditions that affect the swapping of DOP native tokens.
  • We’ve worked with Dopple to clarify the problem. We have also taken measures to update the DOP 2Pool vaults and USDT/BUSD Auto Diversify vaults; including resolving swapping liquidity issues.
  • Users’ balances have been updated and compensated to match perceived APY.
  • Going forward Feeder Finance 1) will not rely on target platform data and create custom API for APY data to display standardized APY figures that reflects a fair estimation of APY, and 2) create internal API data panels to monitor harvest results of all vaults which will allow for a swift reaction to any changes in market conditions.

Please follow this link for details.

The above set us back around three days due to the investigation, and update of four vaults affected.  

What’s next?
  1. AutoFarm Compound:  We’ve already completed the contract, finalized the UI design, and are now back at the coding of the front end.
  2. Update the Coming Soon list:  We’ll start to identify which the next batches of Compound vaults are; please feel free to add to the suggestions at community.feeder.finance  
  3. New UI Design:  We’ll spend the next week also working on the new UI/UX designs which will go into the pitch deck to be shared with Binance for their Incubator program.
  4. Begin Marketing Campaigns:  We have plans for both paid content creation and paid advertisement which we’ll likely begin next week.  We’ll also release another Medium article, once we complete AutoFarm Compound, explaining our platform at its current state from products, fees, rationale, and so on.
  5. Partnership:  We’re in advanced discussion towards a partnership with a another DeFi project.  Confidential at the moment so stay tuned.

Feeder Finance Team Working List

Priorities for this week:

  • Core
    • Launch Auto Diversify 
      • BNB (update)
    • Launch All AutoFarm Compound
      • Five AutoFarm Compound
  • Marketing 
    • Create Daily Infographics Template for Sharing and DApp Marketing
      • Pending: Complete vault launch set
    • Create marketing asset sharing location for community support & banner ads templates
      • Update:
        • Paula is nearly done with the banners
        • We’ll aggregate it in a dropbox link shared in the docs
        • We’ll launch a TG for community marketing initiatives
  • DApp
    • Info:  Add desc on harvest fee for Farm
    • Info:  Link to FEED chart on DApp
    • Info: Remove the repetitive wording for “APY inclusive of fees” and show (i) sign with mouse-over instead; less text, better flow.
    • Info:  Show total estimated fees for AutoStaking products (new)
    • Info:  Custom API for APY (new)
    • Info:  Delayed Staking Compound Display (update)
    • Improvement: Disable token and platform dropdown drop at the same time
    • Improvement:  Show estimated fees both on Feeder Finance and target platforms
    • Improvement: Portfolio Page Update
      • Separate Deposit from Estimated Profit (estimated due to compounding intervals)
      • Info:  Historical vault balance API 
      • Show Farm and Stake similar to Invest products
    • Bug:  APY on mobile showing wrong value (sometimes) (update)
    • Bug:  Staking balance doesn’t update when farm rewards collected and transaction not confirmed (update)

More To-Dos

  • DApp
    • Info: Easy/Complex box for Staking and Farming
    • Info: Mobile version design
    • Info:  Scoring metrics for targets using 1) contract age, 2) TVL, 3) audit status, and more etc
    • Info:  APY UI tweaks
    • Improvement: Light Mode (DApp) / Dark Mode (Blog)
    • Improvement:  Portfolio Page
      • Showing allocation by deposits, total investments across all products, current portfolio APY
      • Tweak deposit / withdrawal button 
    • Improvement: Highlight Feeder Finance’s unique vaults, ie.: Auto Diversify, more clearly in the UI 
    • Improvement:  Firefox blur effect fix (update)
  • Platform
    • Product Diagram for Compound
    • New Homepage
    • New Tokenomics Diagram – to reflect more revenue sources
  • Partnership / Investor 
    • Pitchdeck > Binance /VCs