Feeder Finance Update – July 23, 2021


  • Two Auto Diversify vaults launches : BUSD and BTCB; the rest coming this week
  • Product proposal platform launched (link)  
  • To-Do list updated

Community Support

Core Business Updates

Auto Diversify

We’ve launched two Auto Diversify vaults so far this week:

  • CAKE Auto Diversify (Tweet)
  • USDT Auto Diversify (Tweet)
  • BUSD Auto Diversify (Tweet)
  • BTCB Auto Diversify (Tweet)
What’s next?
  1. Auto Diversify:  We have two remaining launch Auto Diversify deposit options:  BNB and ETH which we aim to complete this week
  2. AutoFarm Compound:  Apart from some minor updates, we’ve spent Wednesday working on the UI for the AutoFarm Compound vaults but expect those to complete release next week 

Community Proposal Platform

Follow this link here:  Link

The community proposal platform is launched.  Feel free to start suggesting, discussing, and voting. Tell your friends in other communities if they want anything auto-compounded, simply come here and get their members to help upvote.

Feeder Finance Team Working List

Priorities for this week:

  • Core
    • Launch Auto Diversify 
      • CAKE 
      • USDT 
      • BUSD (update)
      • BNB
      • ETH
      • BTCB (update)
    • Launch All Current Compound List
      • Five AutoFarm Compound
  • Marketing 
    • Create Daily Infographics Template for Sharing and DApp Marketing
    • Create marketing asset sharing location for community support
  • DApp
    • Info:  Add desc on harvest fee for Farm
    • Info:  Add desc on auto-compound every 2 hours for Staking Pool (update)
    • Info:  Label FEED balance in staking pool as “Estimated” (update)
    • Info:  Change text on Farm from APY to APR 
    • Info:  Fix wrong token logo (BUSD > BNB) on Farm UI 
    • Info:  Link to FEED chart on DApp
    • Info:  Add AutoFarm website link 
    • Info:  Rank token list alphabetically
    • Info: Remove the repetitive wording for “APY inclusive of fees” and show (i) sign with mouse-over instead; less text, better flow.
    • Improvement: Disable token and platform dropdown drop at the same time
    • Improvement: Portfolio Page Update
      • Separate Deposit from Estimated Profit (estimated due to compounding intervals)
      • When no investment, show pathway to Invest Page – rather than leave blank (update)
      • Show Farm and Stake similar to Invest products
      • Portfolio update balance automatically after transaction (no need to refresh) 
    • Bug:  Firefox Buy box positioning (update)

More To-Dos

  • DApp
    • Info: Easy/Complex box for Staking and Farming
    • Info: Mobile version design
    • Info:  Scoring metrics for targets using 1) contract age, 2) TVL, 3) audit status, and more etc
    • Info:  APY UI tweaks
    • Info: Ranking deposit tokens alphabetically in the portfolio page (update) 
    • Info: Community Channels buttons on the DApp (update)
    • Info:  Historical vault balance API (new)
    • Improvement: Light Mode (DApp) / Dark Mode (Blog)
    • Improvement:  Portfolio Page
      • Showing allocation by deposits, total investments across all products, current portfolio APY
      • Tweak deposit / withdrawal button (new)
    • Improvement: Highlight Feeder Finance’s unique vaults, ie.: Auto Diversify, more clearly in the UI 
    • Improvement:  Firefox blur effect fix (new)
  • Platform
    • Product Diagram for Compound
    • New Homepage
    • New Tokenomics Diagram – to reflect more revenue sources
  • Marketing
    • Banner Ads Templates
  • Partnership / Investor 
    • Pitchdeck > Binance /VCs