Feeder Finance Update – July 13, 2021


  • Launched two DOP 2Pool Compound vaults for USDT and BUSD
  • Launched one additional Rabbit Compound vault for BNB
  • Our community efforts have been a success; Rabbit Finance retweeted our launch of the Rabbit Compound. Please continue to support us in any way you can!
  • Lots of items done and a couple of new items added. Check out the list at the bottom. 

Community Support

Hello Feeders!

Many developments so far over the past two days.  Many more to come in the next week as we start to ramp up our product offers.  

Product Update

Three Vaults Launched  (Go to Feeder Finance Invest)
  • Rabbit Compound
    • Deposit Tokens:  BNB  (Tweet)
  • DOP 2Pool Compound
    • Deposit Tokens:  USDT & BUSD  (Tweet)
What’s next?

We’re aiming to launch all vaults currently listed as “Coming Soon” including Auto Diversify, over this week. Potential delays may happen but likely no further than early next week.

Once the line-up of AutoStaking vaults has been completed, we’ll shift our focus back at some of the other major items like our home-page edits to reflect our changed positioning from a pure product platform to a product and services platform.

There are many new features and products to come. You’ll be the first to know if you keep up to date with our updates (three times a week!)

Major Development

Our Rabbit Vault launch announcement on Twitter was retweeted by Rabbit’s official Twitter account today, and we have our community members to thank. While @Danonemil efforts were a success, I’d also like to thank all members (Cool Beans and William in particular) who have always been supportive inside and outside the community chat. We know a lot of you here, silent or otherwise, are helping us in the background and we truly appreciate!

Today’s event shows that the best marketing is the support of our community by genuinely spreading facts and strong attributes of the project to communities, friends, and families. It is not only free and accessible to all but also the most powerful form of marketing.

Feeder Finance Team Working List & Timeline

Picking up from Sunday with some new items.  Hope this gives you a better sense of our progress.

Targets for this week:

  • Core
    • Launch Auto Diversify
    • Launch All Current Compound List
      • One additional Rabbit Compound vaults
      • Two DOP 2Pool vaults
  • Marketing
    • Create Daily Infographics Template for Sharing and DApp Marketing
    • Create marketing asset sharing location for community support
  • DApp
    • Info: Show TVL of the target platform
    • Info: Link to the target platform website
    • Info: Product description tweak
    • Improvement: Disable token and platform dropdown drop at the same time
    • Improvement: Show CertiK and PeckShield logo 
    • Improvement: Portfolio Page Update
      • Rearranged token logo to make it cleaner
    • Improvement:  Capitalization remove
    • Improvement:  Real-time by Block Data Update
    • (New) Improvement:  Mobile scrolling smoothing 
    • (New) Improvement:  Mobile dropdown UI tweak
    • Bug: TVL wrong figure (sometimes)
    • Bug: Dropdown while loading data, dropdown disappear after load
      • We’ve added a spinning loader for Portfolio and Invest UI
    • (New) Bug: Firefox DApp arrow issue 

More To-Dos

  • DApp
    • Info: Easy/Complex box for Staking and Farming
    • Info: Tell users Staking Pool auto compounds
    • Info: Link to $FEED chart
    • Info: Mobile version design
    • Improvement: Light Mode (DApp) / Dark Mode (Blog)
    • Improvement: Jaybird addition to give DApp more life
    • Improvement: Firefox compatibility
    • Improvement: “Open App” rethink to reduce confusion
      • It is now just “Start”
    • (New) Improvement:  Portfolio Page
      • Balance updating automatically after transaction success
      • Showing next harvest estimated profit
      • Showing deposited balance vs collected profits
  • Platform
    • Product Diagram for Compound
    • New Homepage
  • Marketing
    • Banner Ads Templates