Feeder Finance Mid-Week Update – Sep 9, 2021


  • Feeder Finance 2.0 was launched
  • We released our September roadmap to go with the launch
  • We’ll be prioritizing getting V2.0 optimized and then spread resources to work on suggestions, pipeline vaults, and prepare us for AutoFarming with Wallet Management, DEX Aggregator, and AutoConverter
  • CoinTelegraph Explained Article in the KYC process, they’ve communicated 1-2 weeks after KYC is done

Community Support

Core Business Updates

Feeder Finance 2.0 Launched

The update was launched and we’re happy that you guys seem to love the new look! 

Let’s run through a couple of key highlights:

  • We’ve finalized our seven days countdown. We’ve given a lot of thought to the countdown and wanted it to also point out the goals we have for the platform. We address them with the challenges we’re aiming to solve, partly with the released features but also many more features and products that are going to come online as we develop
  • The anticipation from our community was so high that it virtually sent our backend API into a tailspin.  However, we’re happy to let you guys know that we’ve now gotten the backend supporting a smooth experience with the ability to scale with our traffic growth.
  • One major issue that remains to be solved is the ability to connect your wallet with Wallet Connect.  This is where we’ll be focusing next.
  • We’ve also had a lot of feedback and comments from the community.  As you know, we hope to create something you can feel like you’re a part of, and so welcome comments and suggestions. We will review and work on as many as we can over time. We’ve done that in the past and will keep doing it.

Feeder Finance Roadmap September Edition

We’ve released our roadmap with the V2.0 launch so you have a clearer picture of our plans.  We make sure our strategy is current and reflects both what we’re hearing from you and how things develop from the development and market standpoint.  

You’ll find our roadmap through here: 

Feeder Finance 2.0 & Roadmap— Significant Step Towards DeFi Wealth Management

Other Core Development Updates

Just to give you a high-level update on our plans for the development front:

  • Our priority right now is to resolve the major issues of the v2.0 that are pending
  • Once that is done we’ll allocate resources similar to how we’ve done in the past whereby we allocate some to getting community suggestions implemented, work on adding any pipeline vaults that are AutoStaking pending and work on the priority product/feature additions for September
  •  The priority for this month, as you’ll note from the roadmap, will be the Wallet Management, DEX Aggregator and AutoConverter to prepare us for the launch of AutoFarming

Other Updates

Cointelegraph Explained Article

Would like to share some updates on where we are with the CoinTelegraph Explained Article:

  • We’re already in contact with CT
  • We’ve done a KYC in the past when we were preparing for a press release, they asked us to KYC again and we have provided the same documents again and are waiting for their process
  • They communicated to us that it usually takes between 1-2 weeks to get an article complete
  • We’ll keep you informed

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

Five Recent Changelogs: