Feeder Finance Mid-Week Update – Oct 28, 2021


  • Cross-chain implementation 99% complete; pending data validation and quality checks
  • Roadmap coming Sunday
  • Six new vaults targeting ACS with Atlantis Loans endpoints; some juicy APYs!
  • ACS with BSW endpoints might be coming sooner than we thought
  • Other development work progressing well
  • Test Banner ads launched with satisfactory results; looking at other channels for placements  

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Core Business Updates

All-in-One Multi-Chain Platform

All preparations should be complete by this week.

The following is the brief on progress:

  • Completed testing of 30+ vaults for our new chain launch
  • APIs 100% completed
  • Front-end 100% completed
  • An extra mechanic is 100% complete; if you have deposited funds in the vault, you won’t have to worry about gas on the other side!
  • Final quality check and data validation in progress

Roadmap Coming Sunday

We’re already drafting the roadmap release for Sunday, with many new developments in November and much to be excited about. The cross-chain launch will happen in short order after the roadmap release, so be prepared!

AutoStaking Vault Launches

We’ve launched 6 additional vaults yesterday for targeting ACS with Atlantis Loans endpoints.

  • ETH (73% APY)
  • BTC (52% APY)
  • LINK (124% APY)
  • BUSD (52% APY)
  • USDC (70% APY)
  • USDT (56% APY)

The APYs are high, but keep in mind that Atlantis is a lending protocol, and therefore if TVL grows and/or their token price drops, these APYs may not hold. Take advantage while it lasts! 

Also, ACS just launched BSW vaults. That is ripe for aggregation, and we know many of you have been requesting BSW support. Jimmy needs to update the AutoConverter, but he doesn’t think it’s tough to implement and might be able to squeeze that in.  We should be able to have ACS targeting BSW soon!

Other Development Efforts

Node Optimization: We’re currently utilizing four nodes and have added another last night.  We’re currently also in discussion for an enterprise-grade custom node to improve efficiency and uptime.

Product Scoring Update:  We’ve mentioned that the scoring will be more engaging than before. Pandit has completed the wallet connect functionality and is working on integrating the front-end.

Portfolio Upgrade:  Rafael should be able to start working on the backend for this shortly unless we find any opportunistic vaults to launch.


Other Updates

New Banner Ads Placement

We launched a banner this week to test results for a banner-focused strategy. 

You’ll find our banner here on the top spot. Refresh a couple times.

The result from the first week has shown that it is much more effective than other “one-off” outreach; as we have expected. However getting the location right is also important. Poocoin did the job, this place, to be seen once the month run out and we try a couple of other versions of banners.  We’re looking at other places and contacting them to test and find long-term placements for us.

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

No minor updates

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Time stamp:  Week 26 of Feeder Finance