Feeder Finance Mid-Week Update – Nov 24, 2021


  • Core contract testing of the lending platform 90% complete; working through some additional layers to facilitate the loan marketplace.
  • Social DeFi polishing up code and UX details; expected to launch by end of week
  • Portfolio Upgrade still under heavy development in the database building side of things; this will serve as the foundation of multiple other improvements in the near term.
  • Multiple minor updates pushed, ie.: as Utilization Rate of lending products on the Product Info page, FTM updates on the Search page, Sidebar quick link.
  • AMA hosted at FTM Alerts on Monday

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Core Business Updates

Products Update 

After launching 17 products late last week, we still haven’t yet circled back to the remaining 17 Tarot AutoStaking vaults in the pipeline. You can find our current priorities further below. It’s essential for us to stay on track to meet timelines; however, we will soon continue development on this front.

You can sit out of the current market correction with many of our Stable Autostaking products; simply search “staking” and then filter for Type: “AutoStaking” and you’ll find 31 products across both BSC and FTM to select from. At the current time of writing, DAI and USDT on FTM’s Tarot offer the highest yields at 29.8% and 26.6%, respectively. Feel free to explore!

Lending Platform

The core piece of the contract is 90% complete together with the unit testing for internal security precautions. This would also help PeckShield speed up their process as we’ve essentially done part of their work for them. Jimmy’s currently focused on adding the additional layer that’s going to allow deals to be turned into tradable NFTs which would enable a loan marketplace.

Social DeFi

The front-end is complete and ready.  The functionalities are all complete and ready.  What’s left is to clean up the code and some minor details on the user experience side.  Jimmy’s confident this week’s launch is doable.

Portfolio Upgrade

We’re taking our time here with the token database to make sure it’s efficient. Ultimately this piece of data aggregation not only enables the Portfolio update but the Exchange Upgrade (charts/transactions/P&L) and the Market Data Page (Expansive Token Historical Price/Return Data). It will be crucial for us long-term as we add more and more features and networks.

Once this significant piece of the puzzle is done, the features mentioned above will be a relatively easy job. 

Other Updates

The entire team has also been focused on backend optimization. By now, we all know that BSC has been experiencing some significant congestion and node instability issues over the last couple of weeks; we constantly have to spend some dev time on this. However, the network’s health has improved as of late. Other minor dev work has also been completed; we list them down below.

Other Minor Developments

  • Backend: Dedicated Node Synced 60%.  We’re experimenting with building our own node to allow us flexibility and control. It’s been almost a week since we started syncing, and we’re not quite there yet.
  • Product Info:  Utilization Rate.  We’ve added ‘Utilization Rate‘ for all direct lending products on our platform.  Remember that lending product APY is directly driven by how much of the pool is being utilized; if too high, it may not sustain.
  • Search Page: FTM Update.  We’ve added the ‘Earn with FTM’ quick search and ‘Available on BSC & FTM’ on the search page to make our multi-chain presence more light.
  • Sidebar: Quick Link to Staking/Farming/Invest.  It’s been a long-time community suggestion to click the sidebar ‘Account’ items to jump straight to those sections. That is now complete!

AMA with FTM Alerts

We’ve had a fun two-hour AMA at FTM Alerts on Monday.  Please feel free to read through the AMA at their discord channel here

Time stamp:  Week 30 of Feeder Finance