Feeder Finance Mid-Week Update – Nov 10, 2021


  • New Autofarming vaults targeting BiSwap and BUSD-ATL AutoFarming launching this week
  • Minor Portfolio Update for APR/APY Toggle
  • Node Optimization ongoing with substantial progress being made
  • Social Scoring entering final stages with front-end getting QCs
  • Social Content section starts development
  • Portfolio Upgrade development in progress

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Core Business Updates

Vault Launch Pipelines This week

We’re finalizing a batch of new AutoFarming vaults for tomorrow!

These vaults will likely be released within the next few days, and will feature some BSW Autofarming vaults alongside a much-requested addition; a BUSD-ATL AutoFarming vault.

Stay tuned for these launches!

Portfolio Minor Update

In light of user confusion regarding how APY is calculated, we’ve added a toggle for APR/APY on the Portfolio.

Quick background

APR does not assume compounding, while APY does. This means APY $ Daily Profits on the Portfolio assumes the investor holds the investment for 365 days, the APY is held constant through that time, and then the math works back what that means in per day of $ returns. However, this would mean that during the initial periods, the $ Daily Profit would be lower than shown; because compounding has yet to take its full effects.

APR will show what the $ Daily Return will be in the short-term, however, given that all our vaults are compounding, they will be lower than actual returns in the long term (assuming APY is unchanged).

Other Development Efforts

  • Node Optimization: We’ve been able to significantly minimize the effects of node instability over the last couple of days. Granted, nodes have also been more stable over the same time. This was our focus over the last couple of days, and we have made a lot of progress to ensure the backend is more efficient at handling blockchain instability.
  • Feeder Finance Social Scoring: Pandit has completed the social scoring, profile, and wallet connection backend pieces.  The job now sits with Jimmy to finalize the front-end and quality check.  Meanwhile, Pandit has moved on to the social content pieces as the next steps.
  • Portfolio Upgrade: Rafael has, for the most part, been helping Jimmy with the node optimization pieces. As well as getting BSW and other APIs up and running. On the portfolio upgrade, though, he’s working on a program that retrieves token/LP token data out of every block to then extend that into a database; essentially creating a uniform adapter to get the prices of each asset. We’ll use that to map it with the wallet and transactions. I hope I got that right; all complicated stuff, but Rafael’s a talented developer and he’ll get there!

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

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