Feeder Finance Mid-Week Update – Mar 3, 2022

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Key Milestones to Achieve for ETH Dubai

Let’s start with where we are on our milestones to ETH Dubai.

1) Adding new vaults for existing chains to support lending should be done by this week; so FTM, BNB, AVAX

2) We should have two more chains by next week and have 50 or so vaults to support our lending MVP   

3) Most of the UX/UI work is done for lending, and the one remaining item is to add the ability for users to add new contracts themselves for lending use. We didn’t plan on this in the early stages but believe this is one way to speed up growth and adoption as any project (and their community) can start to utilize lending right away.

4) The roadmap and docs update will be done by this

Progress on New Vault Launches

We’ve completed testing of almost all of FTM’s vaults and will move on to BSC, aiming to finish by this week.

Our goal is to launch at least 10 products per chain that support lending to showcase the product. After we’re done here, our focus can turn back to more vault launches as lending will be relatively stable, and new features for lending can be developed alongside vaults.

Other Updates

  • Added new ‘Stats’ feature on Lending.  At the moment, this page shows the lending rate of each token and their respective lending volume.  In future updates, we’ll also add the LTV, Duration, and APR for all collateralized tokens.
  • Other minor updates on lending and portfolio pages.
  • Patrick and DJ recorded the audio update last night, and it should be released in a day or two with some juicy alphas as usual!

Time stamp:  Week 44 of Feeder Finance