Feeder Finance Mid-Week Update – Mar 11, 2022

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Key Milestones to Achieve for ETH Dubai

Let’s start with where we are on our milestones to ETH Dubai.

1) We’ve completed adding vaults for BNB, FTM, and AVAX that support lending. AVAX options should be live on the front end over the weekend. We’re aiming to complete two additional chains over the weekend.

2) 99% of lending is complete. All functionalities are working and have been tested by our community. ~$74K of early access users’ funds are already utilizing the protocol. We’re seeing most of the stables getting lent at around 35% to 50%.

3) The docs have been completed. The roadmap is also 90% and is getting cycled for final edits. We’re aiming to release this early/mid-next week.

What’s New That’s Big?

You’ve probably noticed a lot of new features on the platform, let’s run down the major ones:

1) Our Exchange now supports Polygon and Avalanche

2) Our wallet tracking now supports Avalanche, Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, and HECO

3) We’ve added a charting tool by integrating DEXScreener

4) New ‘Buy with Fiat’ page for anyone needing an on-ramp

What’s New That’s Small

  • Added: Interest summary for lenders on Portfolio
  • Added: Top products by category on the Search page
  • Improved: Portfolio now shows lending investments in multichain
  • Added: Token search to support new charting tool
  • Other minor copy edits

We strive to build a platform that simplifies your DeFi experience into an all-in-one platform.  At the same time also working on new innovating products and evolving with the fast-moving industry.  More updates on both features and minor UX/UI changes will keep coming.

Looking forward to your help with suggestions and QAs.  Keep it up, guys; we’re all building together!

Time stamp:  Week 45 of Feeder Finance