Feeder Finance Mid-Week Update – Jan 20, 2022

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You probably guessed it, 99% of our focus has been on completing P2P lending over the past couple of days.  The bottleneck for the roadmap release lies with P2P front-end completion.  There are multiple complexities because it is not a simple product.  Nothing like hitting deposit or withdrawal and showing you your balance, although the Portfolio is pretty darn complex as well.  Some pieces involve multiple decision trees for the users.  We have added numerous options that allow the lender and borrower to find the best ways to close a deal.  These flexibilities will also allow borrowers, or even lenders, to further structure investment strategies around it at launch and through iterations in the subsequent upgrades.  It is time worth spending because it’s unlike anything seen in our industry.  Here at Feeder, the team innovates, and with innovation, is a lot of grinding.  I’m sure you are here because of that, and we will keep grinding to give you new and exciting DeFi tools and products to look forward to! 

Roadmap Release

For the roadmap timeline, as we’re testing the P2P lending front-end live tomorrow, and through the weekend, we’ll have the materials to update our roadmap draft.  This means we should be getting ever closer to the roadmap release.

Development Update

Feeder P2P Lending Revolution

We’ve completed 99% of what’s needed for a P2P Lending beta testing product.  We’ll be testing it Live internally starting tomorrow.  The exciting news is we’ll try out a ‘Beta Tester Program’ with Feeder Masters and Grand Masters having access next week.  You’ll help us test and comment to ensure that the end product is well done from a user perspective.  If all goes well, we can start to prepare for a countdown to launch 🚀

Vault Products

We’ll be launching our new chain within the next couple of days.  Initially with AutoStaking options and we’ll ramp it up from there.  Stay tuned because vault product expansion will speed up after lending release at a speed that will blow your mind!

Other Minor Updates

  • Fixed drop-down issue
  • Added Wallet token balance sorting: 
    • You’ll now see token with the highest value from top-down
  • A lot of other pending fixes and improvements waiting to be pushed for Wallet and Exchange

Time stamp:  Week 38 of Feeder Finance