Feeder Finance Mid-Week Update – Feb 3, 2022

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We’ve cleared most of the significant front-end development hurdles of lending. A couple of items stand between us and launch-readiness: search and filtering of loans, option for user purchase of new token listing, and some data integration with the latest chart infographics we just added. These aren’t big development items, and everything’s going smoothly without roadblocks, so things are looking good, just a bit more time.

On the side of the vault, we’re still on schedule to launch all AVAX products this week, with Trader Joe almost ready to go. Pandit will step up as Jimmy’s vault dev support, and with that, our chain expansion will not only speed up but won’t slow down other platform developments.

Development Update

Feeder P2P Lending Revolution

We’ve completed the core UI pieces where borrowers and lenders could manage their deals, interact with each other, and view outstanding loans in their loans portfolio.  We working on adding some additional functionalities and details.

Two to three additional items are pending.

  • Searching and filtering functionality for deals.  This is will be useful once the lending ecosystem becomes vibrant with deals of all kinds.
  • The ability for users to add new tokens to the list by purchasing the slot.  This would help grow the project-owned liquidity but also filter out irrelevant/sketchy tokens were adding be free.
  • Integrating prices and APY statistics into the new infographics we’ve added for the user to view their interest and earnings over the life of the loan 

Jimmy’s relatively relaxed as so far development went smoothly and did not face any blockers, just time is needed to complete each building blocks.

Vault Products

Feeder Finance Multi-Chain

Pandit is working closely with Jimmy to support the vault launching side.  While the final push will be done through Jimmy’s checks and approval, Pandit will help with general preparation from the contract and backend side.

Once Pandit is comfortable enough, we can speed up vault launches without affecting other major developments that Jimmy also needs to work on.

In fact, Pandit has already completed all of Trader Joe’s vaults today, and Jimmy will spend some time tomorrow to review; if all is well, launch them and the rest this week.

Time stamp:  Week 40 of Feeder Finance