Feeder Finance Mid-Week Update – Feb 16, 2022

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It feels like we have the finish line in sight, at least the first of many, as Feeder Finance P2P will be far more expansive than its launch format.

Been a good week for development so far; Jimmy’s probably running out of things to do as Pandit is pushing hard on polishing the UX/UI.

You’ll hear a lot more when we release the audio, where DJ and I dived deep into our lending product and some timelines.  For now, let’s get into meat and potatoes, as DJ likes to say…

Feeder P2P Lending Revolution

  • Our early access lending platform features borrower offers where lenders would come in to bid with their best terms.
  • We’ve given access to Master+ tiers for some early feedback and have been working on that feedback we’ve received, particularly on the copy and UX/UI.
  • One important feedback was that the platform lacks the ability for lenders to create offers.  We’ve thought about that before, but due to time constraints figured we should wait.  The user feedback changed our minds, so we went building.
  • I’m happy to say that the lender’s ability to create and offer has also been completed, and we’re internally testing it before we push it into the live early access version.
  • The test is pretty much done, so the push is coming shortly
  • This push will also finalize many of the fixes we’ve been working on needed for documentation, roadmap preparation, and whatever is necessary for outreach preparation
  • So we’ll work start redrafting all that again soon

A lot of progress, a lot of milestones completed.  We are looking forward to expanding the early access tiers to more of our Feeders as updates are pushed to live.  Stay tuned. You’ll join the early access party soon if you aren’t already!

Time stamp:  Week 42 of Feeder Finance