Feeder Finance Mid-Week Update – Dec 1, 2021


  • No new vault has launched since Sunday, but BabySwap farm endpoints completed, and new TAROT AutoStaking coming up
  • Lending product development progressing as planned, and timing still looks good for PeckShield audit submission.
  • Social DeFi front-end responsive passed through QAs; one minor bug we found during the test on the mechanics we need to fix, and fingers crossed, that is the last one. 
  • Portfolio Upgrade working through the data aggregation and BSC hard fork may have enabled us to move faster.
  • Two minor upgrades pushed: 1) Exchange Settings Saved, 2)Product Description Tooltip on ‘Invest’ Page 
  • A new currency toggle for the site is upcoming and we’re close to completing this new minor upgrade; stay tuned!

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Core Business Updates

Products Update 

No additional vaults have launched since Sunday; our focus is on completing the items below.

However, Rafael has already completed endpoints for Babyswap farms, so those should be next in the pipeline. Some pending TAROT AutoStaking may also be released; we’re especially looking forward to AutoStaking JOE on Tarot.

Lending Platform

We’re still progressing well; we’re pushing hard on this and are still on time for delivery to PeckShield by mid-December. The remaining items will revolve around the vaulting and other mechanical flexibilities.

While the audit is going on, we’ll work on the front-end to launch by the audit completion.

Social DeFi

Almost there guys, front-end and responsive, all completed. During the test today, we’ve found one minor error, which should be resolved tomorrow, and hopefully, we’re ready to go.

Portfolio Upgrade

During the past couple of weeks, it was virtually impossible to do what we wanted to do on the data aggregation front due to BSC’s instability issue.

We’re trying to work on it now after the fork and our hope is that it would be much less problematic so we could make more progress here. 

We’ll keep you updated as we know this is a much-awaited upgrade and will be highly impactful to the user experience.

Other Updates

  • Backend Optimization: We observed some improvement in node efficiencies after the Bruno upgrade. Generally, it looks like things are functioning relatively well since but we’re still observing because it’s unclear whether all nodes have already adopted the new software. 
  • Exchange Settings Save.  The green text above the swap button on the bottom left allows you to manually set your gas price and slippage controls. Prior to the upgrade, those settings would shift back to default when you revisit the DApp, they would be saved through Cookies now so you don’t have to set it up again.
Feeder Finance Exchange
  • Product Description Tooltip.  Feeders suggested it is rather time-consuming to have to go into the product pages to review what the product strategy is; we have added a tooltip on the ‘Invest’ page which should save a lot of time!
Feeder Finance Product Description Tooltip
  • Upcoming: Currency Toggle.  It’s been a long-time suggestion, and we’re almost there, so it would be a nice upgrade. We’ll probably have more currencies to align with our community groups but below is a snapshot.
Feeder Finance Portfolio Currencies

Time stamp:  Week 31 of Feeder Finance