Feeder Finance Mid-Week – Aug 5, 2021


  • Timeline for Binance Incubator Program application submission 
  • Remaining AutoFarm Compound not priority; focus on Binance application
  • New vault pipeline release Sunday
  • Marketing proposal and plan
  • DApp Changelog update 

Community Support

Core Business Updates

Binance Incubator Program Application

The following is our internal timeline for the application preparation to submission

  • Friday: Deck / Application Form Drafted
  • Sat-Sun: Cycle Language/Content
  • Sat-Sun: Touch-Up Deck
  • Mon: Record Pitch & Submit

Note: The submitted deck will not be released as it contains sensitive and personal information for KYC purposes. We’ll release a public version and add it to our docs once Binance has announced the results to make sure submitted materials do not circulate publicly and impact Binance’s decision in any way.  

AutoFarm Compound

This vault (ETH BTC BNB AutoFarm Compound) has fallen to the wayside for the time being as the deadline for Binance’s Incubation Program approaches. We’ll be getting back to this vault as soon as humanly possible; and we ask for your patience and understanding while we do so.

We kindly ask for your understanding.

New Vault List

We have selected, both from our research and community suggestions, the next pipeline for vaults that will be worked on in tandem with our platform V2 upgrade development over August.  The UI will reflect this new list on Sunday.  We’ll note them down in our weekly update.

To set expectations, we’ll release ~4-6 vaults over the coming month while we develop the platform, both in terms of the UI and smart contracts of ~50-70 products that will be launched with the platform upgrade.  

The upgrade will be a major improvement for us from a platform utility, UX/UI, and product variety standpoint. Please be patient, as what we’re developing is entirely unseen in crypto (not just BSC) and will be really cool!  

Wen Marketing?

The following is the proposal for how the Feeder Finance marketing initiative will be done going forward:

  • We’d like the initiative to be community-led, funded by a fixed monthly budget by Feeder Finance. We believe our community as users and investors know best how it should be done; ultimately, we’re trying to attract people like yourselves.
  • On Friday, August 6, 7 PM UTC, we’ll announce a community proposal (similar to how we’ve voted on major issues in the past) with proposed marketing options and a budget. The community can discuss and propose other alternatives in the proposal discussion. 
  • On Sunday, August 8, 7 PM UTC, we’ll include what we think are the additional options and put it to a vote for 24 hours (ending August 7, 7 PM UTC)
  • Once the voting is complete, we’ll start working on the decision.

Some final thoughts on marketing: Ultimately, we’re still incredibly early in terms of our platform’s development. You may believe our DApp is fully fleshed out now; but as it currently stands this is only a fraction of where we’ll be in 2 months. The V2 Upgrade will feature more deposit options, new products, and a wealth of features to turn Feeder Finance into an all encompassing DeFi Platform. Our tokenomics have limited the amount of capital we’re able to devote to expenditures. The team needs to be very efficient in managing our budget; unlike most other projects, we’re not VC-funded, and our vision is unlike any platform currently in the space. What that means is that a lot of development capital is required to fulfill this vision. We need to make sure our funding allows us to reach a stage where the developer wallet can self-sustain. Overspending without care for long-term sustainability puts the project at extreme risk. The team will always prioritize long-term success over short-term popularity.

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance


  • Info:  Portfolio Page tooltip addition to clarify profits shown an estimate based on 1-year holding period
  • Info:  Sort platforms by APY
  • Improvement: Disable simultanous dropdown for Platform and Deposit Token
  • Improvement:  APY endpoints for targets