Feeder Finance Mid-Week Update – Aug 11, 2021


  • Binance Incubator Program Application submitted; fingers crossed
  • A lot of progress was made on the V2.0 development 
  • Launched BTCB AutoFarm Compound
  • August marketing initiative vote completed; vote for “Wait for September”;  thank you all for participating!
  • Changelog updated

Community Support

Core Business Updates

Binance Incubator Program Application

We’ve completed our preparation for the Binance Incubator Program and we have submitted our documents. We’ve done our best to prepare the pichdeck – a detailed form for was our guideline. The founders pitches were recorded, introducing the project and team, and attached with detailed KYC information.

There are no guarantees; however, let’s be hopeful for a positive outcome.

Feeder Finance Platform V2.0 Development Progress
  • Design: We’re aiming to complete the designs of the Portfolio and Invest pages this week; the front pages and other new pages have been completed
  • Backend: Rafael & Jimmy have been working very hard on this front and have made tremendous progress; we’re confident we’ll have everything we need for our target release timeframe. We hope to complete vital APIs by this week to then move on to the development of numerous new products to go with the launch
  • Front-End: We’ve already made progress here with pages that have completed designs; some of the pages will likely be completed by this week
Short-Term Vaults Coming Up

We’ve completed the remaining AutoFarm Compound vaults for ETH and BNB. We’ll be releasing them over the remainder of this week after all testing has been finalized.  

After those are done, these are coming up next:

AutoStaking: Compound

  • Rabbit Platform: RABBIT cur. APY 31%
  • Rabbit Platform: XVS cur. APY63%
  • Rabbit Platform: MDX cur. APY 102%
  • Bunny Platform: BUNNY cur. APY 270%

Feeder Finance DApp Changelog

Please keep track of pending DApp updates and suggestions at community.feeder.finance

Note:  As we’re upgrading the UI significantly with v2.0, we won’t be making major UI updates until then as they would be replaced with the new UI.  


  • Improvement:  Harvest Reward then Staking 100% flow
  • AutoStaking:  Compound.  Deposit:  BTCB target AutoFarm.Network