Feeder Finance Daily Update May 31, 2021


  • Mainnet Testing commenced; bug found and solution identified; we’re working through
  • CertiK call tomorrow, we’ll provide an update
  • Mascot completed and stickers incoming!
  • Giveaway winners to be announced tomorrow; stay tuned!
  • Community suggestion on “Bunny Pot” and Patrick’s long-form thought piece

Development Timelines


We’ve been testing on the testnet for a couple of days now, and everything worked as intended. Today, we started mainnet testing, a day early from the schedule.

Upon testing, we’ve found a bug when minuscule amounts are deposited (something like 0.001CAKE).

Generally, we feel comfortable about the issue, the hardest part is to find the cause, and we’ve done that; we have also identified the way to fix it; now it’s just a matter of getting that done.

Audits & Security

We’ve scheduled our call with CertiK US Tuesday and will update you guys on tomorrow’s edition of the daily update.

As a recap:

We’ll discuss timelines for the audit report of our smart contracts, discuss the potential application of CertiK Shield Insurance for our Vaults, and options to expand security by adding the CertiK Skynet. 


We have our mascot. By now you must have met our new designer, William. He’s since engaged with the community in unexpected ways

We’ve settled on the mascot (below) and will work with a 3D designer to turn it into a living, breathing being. We’ve come a long way from our famous pigeon and now have a super cool Blue Jay to represent us.


As the next design item that William is getting creative on, it’s the stickers. They’re already starting to be released, and it seems they’re much loved. Let’s try to give William support and feedback as he works to help us grow our collection of fun stickers we can share.

On-Going Activities

CMC Retweet Giveaway:  

We’ll be announcing our winners tomorrow so please stay tuned!

Community Suggestions

“Bunny Pot – No Loss Jackpot”

The project doing this:  https://pooltogether.com/

Our community member Stan Man, whose been incredibly thoughtful with constant new ideas, has made another suggestion today:  We could have a fun gamified pool that runs weekly, where people could deposit a small capped amount. The deposit amount would then be yield farmed over the period. Upon completion, one (or could be a couple) lucky depositors would win most of the pot’s yields while others the remainder.

Anything like this will come after our core products, but I do welcome and look forward to similar ideas; here is why:

Gamifying investing is not a bad thing when there are limits. Millions of investors who would have otherwise not learned about investing, studying the markets, understand risk and reward are now doing just that with Robinhood and Crypto. The biggest problem with our entire global wealth gap problem hinges, to a large extend, upon regular people not investing enough while the rich keep building wealth through financial asset growth. The barrier typically is that regulators seem to think people without wealth have no idea what they’re doing and so do not encourage enough inclusion and education about how money works and grows.

DeFi makes investment gamification possible by removing regulators, and if it attracts young or eager investors looking to have some fun with small amounts, we’re all for it. It will likely lead to many wanting to understand how money works; that’s the start of something impactful and life-changing.

Nothing written here is financial advice.  Please DYOR.