Feeder Finance Daily Update May 29, 2021


  • Closing in on internal testing of Vault in Live environment with three deposit tokens.  Unit testing and controls mechanics in place.
  • Reconnected with CertiK on timing of audit report.  Also launching discussions around CertiK Shield and Skynet.
  • Rafael tweaked Feeder Finance Bot and added exact APY with buybacks. 
  • New TG Channel:  Feeder Finance Meme Room
  • Mascot still iterating.

Development Timelines


Current Timeline Expectations:

Everything’s on schedule:  All tests and bugs sorted.  Governance and controls in place.  Creating front-test environment for three token deposits.  


We’re still iterating.  The goal is to make the colors more lively and the poly structure less complex in order to get make it go along with usage for 3D animation, Twitter, TG, Website, etc

Audits & Security

We got back in touch with CertiK today to go over timelines for the audit as we’re approaching smart contract readiness, among other discussions.  Scheduling calls to go over details.

We’ve initiated discussions on CertiK Shield Insurance for our Vaults.  It will expand insurance coverage exponentially were our own insurance funds be used as premium on the CertiK Shield insurance.

We’re also looking to expand security by adding the CertiK Skynet option. 

Note though that all of these additions do require substantial funds and hence we will need to time this with available funds too.  But it’s good to start discussions early.

Other Non-Core Updates

Feeder Finance Bot Update by Rafael

  1.  New Category APY. Displays the exact staking APY with buybacks.
  2.  Removed few unnecessary stats.

New TG Channel:  “Feeder Finance Meme Room”

We’re planning a meme contest and will announce it after the Giveaway period is complete.  For now, we’ve added a new TG channel:  Feeder Finance Meme Room

There are already some hilarious stuff going on, here is my personal favorite for the day: 

By Justinianus Gregory

On-Going Activity:

CMC Retweet Giveaway:  

Feeder Finance Bot Update

  1.  New Category APY. Displays the exact staking APY with buybacks.
  2.  Removed few unnecessary stats.

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