Feeder Finance Daily Update May 28, 2021


  • Mascot Update.  We’ve got a new designer we’re working with.  So far looks promising.  Sneak Peek below!
  • We got listed on CMC.  We also have a Giveaway for retweets of the announcement.  Let’s have some fun and support Feeder Finance!
  • Marketing budget and planning nailed down with DJ

Development Timelines


Current Timeline Expectations:

Everything’s on schedule.  We’ve completed testing of core actions from deposit, withdraw, rebalancing, fees, etc  Safe any bug fixes, we’re virtually done.

End of May – Complete smart contract and complete unit testing (scenario tests)

Starting First Week of June – Launch on test net to study the smart contract execution, look for bugs, observe performance, and tweak if necessary.

Third Week of June

  • Look for community members with dev skills to join Jimmy in going over the smart contracts and testing to get a second opinion; ensuring safety, vulnerability, and execution.
  • CertiK starts auditing our contracts.  We’ll iterate with them if they have comments to make requested adjustments.

June 31/July 1 – Product Launch


We’ve just got in contact with a fantastic artist who’s working with us on the Mascot. We’re also in touch with a 3D animator to turn the 2D artwork into 3D versions, which can then be used for the teaser and more.

Below is some sneak peek of the current work-in-progress:


Current Timeline Expectations:

Homepage [90%]

  • Mostly complete
  • Designer working on animations and roadmap addition
  • Front-end dev tasked with working through fixes

DApp Makeover
[ETA: New structure complete by Launch / minor updates regularly]

  • We had initially hoped that we could get this done by this week; however, given the uncertainty around our front-end availability. We want to steer away from giving deadlines. Instead, what we’re confident about is that it will be done by the time we launch. That way, we don’t disappoint you and create immense pressure on the core team, which affects our concentration on core products and other more urgent priorities. 
  • Meanwhile, we have tasked our front-end with other DApp minor update requests from the community. If there is anything he could complete on the fly, we’ll have those done as well and let you guys know.

Other Non-Core Updates

CMC Listed!

So we got listed today, that was a pleasant surprise.  

To show support and turn it into a little bit of fun, we announced a Giveaway!

Check out the link below and let’s have some fun!


Pre-Launch Marketing Initiatives

I had a long call with DJ today to nail down our budget and approach. We have a plan and everything in place. 

  • To reach ~1,000,000 people over the two weeks ahead of the launch. 
  • Press releases both in mainstream media and crypto media at the launch date.
  • Sponsored article post-launch.
  • All of that, and we’re still below budget, so we’re working on adding more.

Note, though, that this would likely also reach speculative investors. We’re okay with that. At the stage that we’re in, 1-2 weeks before the launch, it makes sense to us to be less picky. Ensuring the success of the product, ie.: maximize TVL and valuable community members, drives the success of Feeder Finance. To do that, we need to make sure as many DeFi investors know about us and our products. While the content creators will speak to our fundamental and potential, we cannot control the audience down to the last person. We may be attracting 100 investors of all kinds, but we hope many of them will stay and join us as valuable community members. All in all, we have the long-term success of Feeder Finance as our goal and will ensure our plan executes that.

Week of May 31:  

  • Influencers – Dj is developing a target list and will start to reach out over the next couple of days. We expect to have a final lineup of influencers from Youtube, TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, crypto news outlets, or where ever we could get appropriate content creators.
  • Teaser – We expect the first draft of the teaser to come in; we’ll use that as part of our cover note for the outreach to influencers but expect the final completion of the teaser, after revisions, to come in by the week after. 

Week of June 7:

  • Teaser and influencers ready. If possible, end of the week marketing launch but aiming the week after at the latest  

Week of June 14:

  • Marketing Launch 

We’ll leave the below here as I think it is relevant:

Using available funds, we’ll soon start our pre-launch marketing initiatives.  This will involve:

1. KOL Strategy:  Using our new website and first teaser to approach influencers

  • We’ll likely attract existing DeFi investors first as new holders of the FEED token but ultimately also as vault users
  • We’ll start with less influential (lower economics required) and move on to the top tier after launch

For this effort, we’ve asked the community for influencer/KOLs ideas that we could approach.  We’ve already got some great suggestions so far, but we welcome more.  Please do share when you can at the Feeder Finance Suggestions Group.

2. Media:  We are in contact with CoinTelegraph and will try to proceed with a Sponsored Article to be published on the day of the product launch to maximize exposure

3. More: Teaser Video ideas we’re working on

  • [For DeFi Audience ] Product detailed walkthrough
  • [For Non-DeFi Audience] Platform teaser with real-world connect

Nothing written here is financial advice.  Please DYOR.