Feeder Finance Daily Update May 24, 2021

Development Timelines


Current Timeline Expectations:

No update.  Everything on schedule.

End of May – Complete smart contract and complete unit testing (scenario tests)

Starting First Week of June – Launch on test net to study the smart contract execution, look for bugs, observe performance, and tweak if necessary.

Third Week of June

  • Look for community members with dev skills to join Jimmy in going over the smart contracts and testing to get a second opinion; ensuring safety, vulnerability, and execution.
  • CertiK starts auditing our contracts.  We’ll iterate with them if they have comments to make requested adjustments.

June 31/July 1 – Product Launch


Current Timeline Expectations:

Initially planned for completion by May 24th.  This is our new front-end dev’s first project.  He’s great, and I personally couldn’t find flaws, but Jimmy requires perfection down to the coding level.  He’s taken over to touch things up and eyes safe completion timing for end of US Tuesday, May 25th.

May 24th 25th – Frontpage makeover.

Week of May 24th – We’ve already asked our front-end dev to start working on the dApp (Dashboard) while Jimmy finalizes the fontpage. It may either come in bits and pieces, or as a whole; we’ll get feedback from our front-end once he’s done reviewing.  


No update.  Designers working on this.

Week of May 24 – Aiming completion

Other Non-Core Updates

Documentation (“Docs”) – Rafael has done it again.  Another superb article added to our docs:

PublicationsTwitter thread by myself from recent reactions by the non-crypto community who saw the crypto crash as an opportunity to be critical. It’s one thing to share thoughts among friends in our community’s channels, it’s another thing to share it to the public; especially Twitter. It would mean the world to me if you guys could hit Like if you thought it was worthy of one.


FFP-3: Shifting Marketing Focus

The snapshot for FFP-3 has passed.  Please make sure you cast your vote during the below time periods, starting tomorrow:

Tuesday, May 25, 2021, 6 AM GMT+1 – Wednesday, May 26, 2021, 6 AM GMT+1

Pre-Launch Marketing Initiatives

Will keep the below here; no changes.  Please do help share your favorite influencers when you can.

Using available funds, we’ll soon start our pre-launch marketing initiatives.  This will involve:

1. KOL Strategy:  Using our new website and first teaser to approach influencers

  • We’ll likely attract existing DeFi investors first as new holders of the FEED token but ultimately also as vault users
  • We’ll start with less influential (lower economics required) and move on to the top tier after launch

For this effort, we’ve asked the community for influencer/KOLs ideas that we could approach.  We’ve already got some great suggestions so far, but we welcome more.  Please do share when you can at the Feeder Finance Suggestions Group.

2. Media:  We are in contact with CoinTelegraph and will try to proceed with a Sponsored Article to be published on the day of the product launch to maximize exposure

3. More: Teaser Video ideas we’re working on

  • [For DeFi Audience ] Product detailed walkthrough
  • [For Non-DeFi Audience] Platform teaser with real-world connect

Nothing written here is financial advice.  Please DYOR.