Feeder Finance Daily Update May 22, 2021

We’ve found out that many of our community members are from South East Asia (Thailand and Malaysia in particular) looking forward to expanding the community across the globe. Exciting how technology and crypto can bring amazing people together. 

Hope everybody is having a pleasant weekend.

KOLs / Influencers Suggestions

We appreciate everybody’s help so far today on the suggestions; the list thus far is really starting to take shape. Well done!

If you haven’t already, please feel free to suggest a couple of your favorite content creators and opinion leaders below:

Feeder Finance Suggestions Group (https://t.me/FeederFinance_Suggestions)

A summary of suggestions so far:

  1. Denome (https://www.youtube.com/user/Denoomi)
    • Channel: Youtube / Twitter
    • Reach: 34.3K Subs / 6.5K Followers
    • Content: Market summary/commentary, project updates/picks, passive income strategies
  2. Lark Davis (https://twitter.com/TheCryptoLark?s=09)
    1. Channel: Youtube / Twitter
    2. Reach:  366K Subs / 344K Followers
    3. Content: Market summary/commentary, project updates/picks, interviews
  3. DataDash (aka: Nicholas Merten) (https://twitter.com/Nicholas_Merten?s=09)
    1. Channels: Youtube / Twitter
    2. Reach: 457K Subs / 86.5K Followers
    3. Content:  TA, market summary/commentary, project updates/picks, investment strategies
  4. Michaël van de Poppe (https://twitter.com/cryptomichnl?s=11)
    1. Channels: Twitter
    2. Reach: 313K Followers
    3. Content:  TA, market commentary
  5. Ran Neuner (https://twitter.com/cryptomanran?s=11)
    1. Channels: Youtube / Twitter
    2. Reach: 283K Subs / 220K Followers
    3. Content: TA, market commentary, project updates/picks
  6. Coin Bureau (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqK_GSMbpiV8spgD3ZGloSw)
    1. Channels: Youtube / Twitter / Newsletter
    2. Reach: 971K Subs / 192K Followers
    3. Content: Market summary/commentary, project updates/picks, investment  strategies, tutorials
  7. BSC News (https://twitter.com/news_of_bsc)
    1. Channels:  TG / Podcasts / Website / Youtube
    2. Reach:  7.3K TG members / <100 Subs (new channel) / 125K Followers
    3. Content:  News, interviews, sponsored services 

Feeder Finance Weekly Summary

Rafael and DJ are working on the voice-over version of the update.  The team has summarized in bullet points as a reminder for me the critical items over the past week, and I’ll be writing a brief for DJ to voice it over.  This would be our first attempt. Should be fun!

Hopefully, this could be the foundation for a more advanced educational platform that we’re so excited to launch once we have the resources to expand the team!

Core Progress Updates

1. Development

No change to timeline. Smart Contract and Strategy completed. Unit testing now.

  • Launch test net by 1st week of June.
  • Front-test for one week to make sure the mechanics function correctly and that the model performs as intended
  • The final two weeks before launch by the end of June, we may ask for a select member of the community that has some dev experience to help test and bounty hunt
  • The launch timeline remains at the end of June/start of July.

Front-End Dev working on implementing the design

  • His estimated timing of completion is by this weekend.
  • The dashboard will follow over next week.
  • Once the core design structure is complete.  He will focus on making sure all community requests, if possible and justified, are implemented into the site’s UI/UX structure.

2. Marketing Materials

We saw graphical storyboard today and provided comments – production in process 

  • First teaser in progress, ETA this upcoming week.
  • Paula working on finding artists for the additional teasers
    • Product detailed walkthrough
    • Platform teaser real-world connect

3. Mascot Design

Timing unchanged.  ETA this upcoming week.

Nothing written here is financial advice.  Please DYOR.