Feeder Finance Daily Update May 21, 2021

Today was another bloody day for Crypto. The entire market rose 20x over the span of a year without any proper correction. Meaning; the market has been long overdue for a correction.   

Why we should not be concerned:

  1. “Domain names registered on the Ethereum blockchain have grown by nearly 25,000 over the past week to 817,000 on Unstoppable Domains. The current registration rate is on pace for >500% YoY growth…”
  2. Institutional money are unscathed by the market turmoil.  Figure Technologies raised $200MM at $3.2B valuation and HaloDAO stablecoin marketplace raises $3.5M in seed investments.
  3. The recent sharp corrections that we’ve seen over the last few days have been largely driven by the liquidation of several massively leveraged positions. The market is functioning on a more technical than fundamental basis currently.

Shifting Marketing Focus

The team had to make a difficult, strategic decision to pivot on the previously proposed Vault Partnership. It was a tough decision, but one we believe the community will be better off for making. By changing course, we’re allowing ourselves and the community to take back control of the marketing budget and to allocate it more efficiently. Our team remains adamant on diversification, proposing the decision to go “all-in” with our marketing budget on a vault partnership opposes our beliefs in diversifying investments; and to that end we’re “putting our money where our mouth is”.

More here:  Link

Marketing next steps...

Outreach to KOLs / Influencers 

A key part of our marketing outreach will be through Key Opinion Leaders (“KOL”). For us in the cryptocurrency community; the Twitter community and its many avid users create value for projects and products by spreading key, valuable information.

Some of you that joined us early on in the project was thanks to razor, there is tremendous value in sharing and we are grateful for those that stayed with us since. 

We’d like to ask you to send us suggestions of your favorite influencers from Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, or wherever you find people talking and sharing media. We have a variety of channels for comments and suggestions, but we recommend using our Feeder Finance Suggestions Group (https://t.me/FeederFinance_Suggestions) so it doesn’t get lost. We’re hoping to work with newer talent / those with a dedicated subscriber base at first; in the future as we accomplish more goals and really start to drive marketing + PR we’ll be contacting more renowned and affluent influencers before product launch.

We’ll be reminding the community again EU morning (May 22, 2021) on the channels.

Sponsored Article

We have recently been in contact with CoinTelegraph! As we approach the launch of our core products; we have taken the liberty of receiving quotes for Sponsored Articles! It is our hope to launch the product + article on the same day to maximize and capitalize on the growth potential this outlet will deliver for us.

Core Progress Updates

1. Development

No change to timeline. Smart Contract and Strategy completed. Unit testing now.

  • Launch test net by 1st week of June.
  • Front-test for one week to make sure the mechanics function correctly and that the model performs as intended
  • The final two weeks before launch by end of June we may ask for a select member of the community that has some dev experience to help test and bounty hunt
  • Launch timeline remains end of June/start of July.

Front-End Dev working on implementing the design

  • His estimated timing of completion is by this weekend.
  • Dashboard will follow over next week.
  • Once the core design structure is complete.  He will focus on making sure all community requests, if possible and justified, are implemented into the site’s UI/UX structure.

2. Marketing Materials

  • First teaser in progress, ETA next week.
  • Paula working on finding artists for the additional teasers we’ve highlighted in today’s proposal.

3. Mascot Design

Timing unchanged.  ETA next week.

Nothing written here is financial advice.  Please DYOR.