Feeder Finance Daily Update June 7, 2021


  • Continuing to test Vaults Feed on Mainnet
  • Jimmy working on improving the launch product
  • Roadmap drafted; Paula working on shareable version
  • Patrick working on reaching out to vault teams; starting with our previous potential vault partner
  • Some good feedback from reputable Crypto TG Group
  • New Stickers!
  • On-Going Meme Contest #FeederFinanceMemeContest

Core Updates

Testing Vaults Feed On-Going

The new front-testing start has been going well.  Data supports how we expect the vault would work 100%.  We’ll just keep collecting data for now.

Vaults Feed Improvement

While we think we have the MVP ready, Jimmy has some spare time and is working on some upgrades to the product. We’re hoping to launch with a list of deposit tokens that would represent over half of BSC’s Vault TVL coverage.

This would allow us to focus more on the LP Vaults Feed once Vaults Feed is launched, and likely accelerate LP Vaults Feed’s launch.  


We have the roadmap draft in place. Paula working on beautifying to create a sharable version. 

Business Development


I’ve decided to go back to our vault partner as the first party to approach. While we didn’t go through with the plan, they were the only party that gave us any chance. We owe it to them to start discussions with them first. While we could split the pools up evenly, if any party were to support us on marketing, while others don’t, it may make sense to lean more heavily one way to make sure it’s a fair trade.

I still haven’t heard back but will give it some time.

We’re aiming to launch the vault closer to the launch anyway, so that’s still weeks away.

Other development

We’ve got good feedback from a relatively reputable crypto TG group willing to take us up on sponsorship, marketing, and AMA. The timing of this will be closer to launch. We haven’t fully engaged as we’re still finalizing all parties to make sure marketing materials and the message are coordinated.

New Stickers

By William Mortell

On-Going Activities

Meme Contest:  LINK

Hi guys, a quick update on this. It seems some contestants have resorted to purchasing likes/retweets. This is pretty easy to spot and will disqualify. Nonetheless, it is also essential for everybody not creating content to show some support for those that do. Please head over to the post and quickly scroll through, hit a few likes, or even retweet if any of the posts gave you a nice chuckle ^^

Meme Pick of the Day

On this is good…

By Justinianus Gregory

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