Feeder Finance Daily Update June 5, 2021


  • Small Front-Test Setback
  • Patrick works on a roadmap & Jimmy strategizes the programming
  • New Stickers by William Mortell
  • Reminder: FFP-4 : A Vote on New Farming Pools for Vault Investors/Users
  • On-Going Meme Contest #FeederFinanceMemeContest

Core Updates

Small Front-Test Setback

We’ve had to start the front test from the start. The data is not lost, it’s just that we forced the testing through a bug we found mid-way and initially thought we’d just adjust to account for it. After having fixed it, we had to rebalance the allocation and all the fees were hard to adjust for. So we decided to start fresh with the front testing.


Patrick’s working on some research as we plan out our pipeline for the vaults to match our roadmap. Jimmy will have to strategize the programming accordingly tomorrow.

New Stickers

By William Mortell

On-Going Activities

FFP-4: New Farming Pool: LINK

Just keeping this here as a reminder. The voting on FFP-4 has started today. Please make sure you study the proposal and vote your choice before it closes Sunday June 6, 6AM GMT+1.


Meme Contest:  LINK

Meme Pick of the Day

By Mattia

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