Feeder Finance Daily Update June 30, 2021


  • DApp gets finalized post-audit
  • Audit initial findings received; no major issues; feedback provided.  Ball’s in PeckShield’s court
  • Some thoughts on post-launch marketing

Core Updates


Waiting on PeckShield to finalize the report and for us to make sure we have all comments implemented. We’ll then merge the contract with front-end and we’re off to the races.


We’ve received the initial priority findings from PeckShield today.  They’re mostly minor issues and can be resolved quickly once they’re done with the prelim report.  They’re still working through to complete the prelim report and there may be more issues.  Having said that, what they sent as issues to be addressed quickly seems to not be much of an issue.  We’re hopeful to be able to launch soon after the report. For now we’ve already provided comments and we are now waiting for them to get back to us again.


It’s obviously on everybody’s mind. What happens post-launch on the marketing front? Here is what we plan and our thoughts:

  • Press Release: We have engaged a PR firm to help with the copywriting and release of the press release to 100s of channels. Given that many things have changed since we’ve had our first draft, we’ll need to have them rewritten once the PeckShield audit is complete and the smart contract ready. We’ll likely have it ready for release briefly after launch. The same press release will also be shared with CoinTelegraph; we’ve already completed initial discussions and are ready for that.
  • Partnerships: We’ve had two pending discussions with projects with much greater exposure than us—one being a mid-size lending protocol and another project that’s really driving innovation in onboarding new crypto investors. We’ll reconnect with them as a priority after launch. We’ll also go back to other players in the ecosystem to see if a discussion can be had.
  • Others: We could do a couple of other things after product launch; we have deliberately held off on these until product launch, given early feedback. These are things like influencer marketing, AMAs, farming vaults and so on. The only hurdle is the price that these channels cost. They are ridiculously expensive, and we’ll need to make sure we don’t deplete our entire dev wallet for it – there are no guarantees we’ll gain TVL. We have great products to develop in the pipeline, and audits are even more expensive.