Feeder Finance Daily Update June 3, 2021


  • FFP-4 : A Vote on New Farming Pools for Vault Investors/Users
  • Vaults Feed front testing running as intended. Data being collected.
  • Interviewing front-end devs next week.
  • Frontpage got fixed.  Please help review and provide comments/suggestions, if any.
  • New Stickers!

FFP-4: New Farming Pool

Proposal: LINK

The Details are in the proposal but here are additional thoughts I’ve provided to the community during discussions:

Wouldn’t this be purely economical for vault users?

Yes, their initial incentives, is purely economical, no doubt.

The second order effect, we hope, is

  1. They’d go into our docs to read about us, because they are about to commit their capital into an “unknown” farm. They might as well make sure we wont take their money. Having read it, they would either think: 1) “this is a great idea and invest”, 2) “these products are going to be great let’s keep an eye out for the launch and test this thing out”, or 3) ignore and just farm.
  2. We’re going to go to these vault teams and tell them we’re about to have this going on. We’re going to be upfront that this is marketing, but that it is also a win-win scenario whereby their users are getting more yields than they would otherwise. If they agree, they may want to let their community know (+marketing)

The third order effect is, if the vaults do support the idea, we have a communications channel open for more partnerships down the road. We do want to establish partnerships across the vault ecosystem and this may be the first step.

Finally, this does not have to be permanent, we can shut it down at some point in the future. Once it has served its intended purpose.

Why not do it later, after launch?

This is a valid point.  Perhaps the proposal was not clear regarding one thing.  The goal, and I hope we can all agree, is for a strong product launch.  Ultimately what drives the FEED token value is platform usage (fees > buybacks > price > APR > PR > loop).  The short-term price impact could go either way, that is true.  In the long run, however, a strong launch is for the benefit of the project, and all of us. 

We’re thinking about timing this together with the marketing launch.  Whereby the teaser would have been completed and the messaging is more clear.  A good first impression.  That also goes together with all the other initiatives we have on the marketing front, so it’s all hands on deck at that point.  In the meantime, once the vote is through, we’ll get in touch with all vault teams and see about some support. 

Core Development

Vaults Feed

Front-testing on-going

Everything is working as intended.  We’re collecting data.  Jimmy is working on certain backend infrastructures for vault management and key programming backbones for the DApp to support the product once it goes live.  

Other Programming Updates

  • We have an interview with at least two candidates for a front-end position next week. Fingers crossed.
  • Jimmy fixed the copywriting on the front page today per comments.  If you guys have a read-through and have further comments/suggestions for improvements, please DM Patrick.
  • DApp updates would have to wait for now.

On-Going Activities

Meme Contest:  LINK

I see many funny memes on the TG, but none of them landing on the contest list. C’mon guys! Maximize your time-spent returns – you’re all prudent investors. XD


New Stickers!

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