Feeder Finance Daily Update June 29, 2021


  • Product DApp is complete; we’re making the existing DApp interface consistent; with some tweaks to the planned design
  • Product diagram structure for the docs done; working on beautifying 
  • PeckShield to send prelim report tomorrow
  • Meme Contest ends – William Mortell is our winner.

Core Updates


Jimmy has finalized the Main Vault Product’s DApp and is now putting the finishing touches on our existing DApp to make our products consistent.  Once the smart contract is ready post-audit, we’ll integrate it and be ready for launch.  We’ve also taken advantage of the PeckShield waiting time to make some last-minute adjustments to the planned design, which we think many of you will like. Stay tuned!


The team sat together today to rework and finalize the structure of the product diagram. The only thing remaining is to finalize our aesthetic


We’ve received word from PeckShield today that they’ll be sending the prelim report to us tomorrow.  We’ll have to see whether or not we have to adjust the smart contract for another turn.  We’ll keep you informed. 

Community Activities

We have a winner for the meme contest. William Mortell won with 50 points – here is the link to the announcement. Congratulations William! 

We’ve had to disqualify a couple of submissions due to abnormal votes. Still, We have generally gotten very cool submissions over the contest period. We thank you all for participating!

Also below are some of the most voted submissions:

1. William :part_alternation_mark:ortell https://twitter.com/MortellWilliam/status/1400506511240089601 (50 points)

2. Milica https://twitter.com/milicathefirst/status/1402321243840421898 (38 points)

3. OpahKehed https://twitter.com/OpahKehed/status/1409376856495726594 (13 Points)

4. Giri https://twitter.com/Giri92970736/status/1401219860487569411 (11 Points)

4. smile’every’day https://twitter.com/NenaIrena1/status/1401131312480542722 (11 Points)

5. TKgames https://twitter.com/Tkgames25/status/1403071833407098882 (9 Points)

5. Al17 https://twitter.com/Alpiyan76446290/status/1401134729559044096 (9 Points)

5. Xiomicreamku https://twitter.com/Xiomicreamku/status/1409396060787593221 (9 points)